Radio 1

I’ve been listening to Radio 1 (the main and biggest radio station the UK) pretty religiously since I got here. The reason for this is because a) I have to listen to the radio for one of my classes and figuring out what shows I like will be helpful and b) it’s a British institution, like cheese and Monty Python. Thus far the music has been…not horrible? It’s mainstream and despite some of my own musical tendencies, I’m far less pop and far more rock than Radio 1 is. However most of the DJs I’ve heard are really enjoyable to listen to, so the crap music (so much N-Dubz, far too much) is undermined by the pleasant DJs. Every once in a while they’ll play a song that I actually like or at least don’t find horribly offensive to my ears (like N-Dubz or Ke$ha.) I just (like 10 minutes ago) had a moment like that.
I’ve always assumed the minute I started listening to British radio I would just continually be hearing songs I love and artists that I love. Of course this isn’t true, but for every time I hear N-Dubz (I really don’t like them, can you tell) I’ll hear Kasabian or a not crap song by an artist I don’t really know that well. Such a moment happened toward the end of Scott Mills’ show, when the guest DJ, Sarah Cox, played Mika. I almost never listen to American radio and when I do it’s horrible, so it’s nice to listen to British radio and find out that while a lot of it is not very good, some of it is. And sometimes they play my songs.

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