RIAA for the Win

Today I had my first music law class and there was a great moment when the discussion had moved into illegal downloading (the original discussion was on copyrights, so it does make sense.) The professor, Kienda, began describing how back in ye olde days, wars could have started over one kingdom playing another kingdom’s music (not strictly true, but amusing nonetheless) and how in modern times this would be like someone coming around your house and shooting you for illegally downloading some music. He then went on to say that the US isn’t far from doing that. He proceeded to describe the enforcers of RIAA law and how much they look like SWAT guys. One of my other classmates asked if RIAA guys busting into your house isn’t some sort of violation of civil liberties and when the professor said no, I was just sat there thinking “All of you have it so lucky. You have no defined methods of dealing with illegal downloaders.” As I said to the young woman who was sat to behind me, they’ll bust into your house, take your computer and then fine millions upon millions of dollars. If you’re now wondering why this was such a great moment, it’s because I could just sit there thinking “Yup, those are my guys. All hail America.”
So yeah, classes are going well thus far. More info once I’ve been through all of them at least once.

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