Something Terribly Clever

So it turns out that I can only think in bullet points. So here are more bullet points.

  • I knew where the radio 1 station is located in London. I’ve now forgotten, but if I walk past there again, I’ll know what I’m walking past (and why there are photographers there.)
  • British weather is even more temperamental than I remember. One minute it’s blue skies and freezing cold the next it’s grey and freezing cold. The freezing cold doesn’t change.
  • Thus far my favourite radio shows are Fearne Cotton and Nick Grimshaw, though it’s not necessarily for the music. In fact it’s mostly for the personalities.
  • Pret a Manger forces me to eat vegetables that I wouldn’t eat under normal circumstances. This is a good thing.
  • Oxford Circus is way too tempting for someone who could easily turn into a shopaholic.
  • I’m getting better and discerning mixed accents. For instance one of the module leaders for my Art and Society has a mix of Australian and London. Granted it took me a half hour to figure that out, but considering how most people can’t even do it, I’d say I’m getting better.

I’ve got Music Radio all day tomorrow (10am to 5pm is all day) and Friday and then I leave really fecking early for York on Saturday. Bottom line: In likelihood there won’t be any updates for awhile. I’ve got postcards to put up from the National Gallery (which I went to today for my Art and Society class, more on that next week) now. Don’t panic.

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