General Updates

So the past week has been extraordinarily stressful, but just as I decided to not complain about the days before leaving for London, I’ve decided to not complain here about my horrible flatmates. They don’t deserve the amount of attention I give them, even if they do cause me an undue amount of stress and anxiety. However tomorrow is the first day of March which heralds a period of both work and cultural enrichment. First though, the final show for my music radio class.
The pilot wasn’t exactly brilliant by any means. Listening to myself, a task I find very taxing, was even worse because I kept going “uh” and “um.” So I wrote out a complete script with every single word I was to say during the show. That combined with the RCS Selector working made the final much, much better than the pilot. I was exceedingly pleased with the show and will miss this class despite the 14 hours it required. I’ve been invited to the next class which is about podcasting, but I won’t be taking them up on it because a) I don’t think Dave was serious and b) I’ve got a lot of papers to write in the next four weeks. First there’s the paper for music radio which is 3,000 to 4,000 words and then there’s the paper for music marketing and a paper for Art and Society, neither of which are as long (1,000 and 1,500 respectively.) That’s what Thursdays and Fridays are for – paper writing.
However, Thursday and Friday nights are for cultural enrichment. This week Amanda and I are going to the Comedy Store on Thursday and then on Friday I’m seeing the Royal Academy of Music’s band (or symphonic wind if you want to be fancy.) The week after is Billy Elliot the musical (with the social programme) and on Friday, the Royal Academy of Music is hosting an accordion showcase which I will be attending. Then on the 18th I’ll be seeing The 39 Steps. Of course school comes first, but I’m really quite excited about this month, should be lots of fun.
This past weekend was also a cultural experience for me. The social programme took us to Stonehenge and Bath, both of which were very interesting. Stonehenge was…smaller than I thought it would be, but very remarkable none the less. I got a couple really amazing pictures, but since the weather wasn’t really cooperating, it was hard to take really great pictures. I got a postcard and a plushie sheep who has been named Shaun after Shaun the Sheep (original, I know.)
My one regret with Bath is that I didn’t have more time in it. We only had a few hours during which I spent a quarter of it at lunch and fifty percent in the Roman Baths where I drank some healing waters. However I did get to spend some time at the Jane Austen Centre and at the Bath Abbey. I’m planning on spending another day during my last week here at Bath though, if only so I can take the Jane Austen audio tour of the city. The Roman Baths were really something though, despite the rain. A bit boring, but in terms of the history and all that, very interesting. The best bit though was the acquisition of a teddy bear at the Jane Austen Centre who I have named Mr. Knightly. We watched Sense and Sensibility tonight.
So that’s it for now. I’ve worked out all the train stuff for my spring break trips as well as trip to Dublin in May (which also involves being on a ferry for three hours.) I also encountered my first group of football fans who were both very loud and very amusing. I’m not really a sports persons so seeing and hearing a bunch of people who are so enthusiastic about a sports match was greatly amusing to me. Until next time, whenever that might be, don’t panic.

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