Cardiff and Liverpool pt. 2

After registering for classes I went to Grand Central, supposedly a very cool place to shop, but I was thoroughly unimpressed. I walked on the main drag for a I don’t know ho long, wandered through an avant garde art gallery called Blue Coat and got dinner for the first and second night as well as some milk at Marks and Spencers. I spent the rest of the night either eating or watching the telly which made the night incredibly enjoyable for me (because at this point my expectations were just that low.) During the second day I actually did quite a lot and got lost which was less fun than the rest of the day. I got up around 8:40am of my own volition, had breakfast and headed out. I went to Albert Dock, got a bit confused as to how to get to the Beatles exhibition, but finally figured it out after staring at a map for a while. I was a really good exhibition, but since I already know so much about the Beatles, what I enjoyed about the exhibition were the interviews with various characters from the band’s history like Sir George Martin and Brian Epstein. I got little gifts for the family in the gift shop (which they always make you exit through), spent a lot of time in another Liverpool-based gift shop before heading to the tourist information point to get a ticket for a Beatles tour called “The Magical Mystery Tour.” I had lunch at the Tate Liverpool’s cafe, strolled through their main exhibit (and got nicely yelled at for taking a picture of Duchamp’s “Fountain”). My favourite part of the museum (besides seeing Dali’s lobster telephone), was an exhibit on sculpture and the depiction of the human form which incorporated a pre-selected soundtrack. Not only were the sculptures very interesting, but the use of music made the whole thing more memorable. I got Sophie a gift and a couple of postcards at the shop. I then wasted time wandering around Albert Dock and got starred at by a gaggle of idiotic boys while having a cuppa. Then it was time for the tour. What I enjoyed most about the tour was that it added little personal touches to the history I already know. Also the tour guide was very amusing and has met Paul McCartney several times. I bought more Beatles memorabilia, got lost trying to go back to the hostel, but finally made my way there. I spent another night watching telly and packed my things to get ready to leave for London the next morning.
The trip back was thoroughly uneventful and I’ve mostly unpacked everything from my move to the new room. My Mum arrives tomorrow, which I’m really excited about. Finally, I got my marks for music radio and I got a B for the class. Hurrah me. Until next time, don’t panic.

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