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So this past week I went to three very different shows. However, in the time honoured tradition of Nora not actually reviewing anything, I’m just going to say what I went to and whether I liked it or not. Also any highlights from the production will be included.
First up we have another visit to the Comedy Store which was better than first because they were all professionals. Granted it was a very different format (improv vs. stand-up) but the highlight, beyond the penguin farm opera/musical/mystery/Bollywood sketch, was Phill Jupitus. He’s probably one of my favourite comedians and at this point is the sole reason I still watch Never Mind the Buzzcocks (sorry Noel, you’re just better with a script). The entire show was absolutely hilarious, but the things that stick in my head, besides the penguin farm bit, was the sketch that incorporated the three following elements: sci-fi, talking sheep, Mars, and music. Absolutely brilliant. If I get another chance to go to the Comedy Store I definitely will.
Unforunately Private Lives, written by Noel Coward and starring Kim Cattrall and Mr. Darcy (2005 film)/Keeley Hawes’ husband wasn’t as good. Sure the lines were pithy which is what you would expect, but the two leads had little to no chemistry (which isn’t a good thing in a rom-com) and Kim Cattrall’s attempt at a British accent came across as a screechy parody of Brits in 1920’s films. It wasn’t bad and the supporting cast were very good, but you’d kind of hope that such famous leads would be better.
Finally, there was “Cinderella” as performed by the National Royal Ballet. It was beautiful and a joy to watch, even way, way up high. The Prince’s hair was a bit creepy, but the dancers were amazing and the music (which was live!) was beautiful, though oddly sad for such an, ultimately, happy story. My one complaint, and it is a very minor one, is that there were no frogs. While I’m absolutely certain my ballet school was just trying their hardest to give me roles in our productions, but not seeing any animal (frog) attendants during the transformation scene was a bit disappointing. And, coincidentally, Keeley Hawes and some friends were at the same performance as me, though probably in seats with armrest and a slightly better view. Aaah, the wonders of Twitter.
Well that’s it. My grandparents are actually visiting this week (damn you Icelandic volcano) and I’m seeing Sweet Charity and “A Night of 1,000 Voices” which has as its theme this year Stephen Sondheim, which should be good. I’m still waiting on my law paper to be marked, but I’m none too worried unless he’s the toughest grader known to man or I really screwed up. Until next time, don’t panic.

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