Mark Ronson – Record Collection

Instead of doing a proper review, I’m instead going to make a list of observations about the album. The fact that I’m doing this at all should be an indication about my opinion of the album in general (I think it’s quite ace for those who are slow on the pick up).

  • The album, including the instrumental breaks, is written almost entirely in minor keys. I wouldn’t call this a depressing album per se, but if you’re looking for songs in the major key, I would suggest picking up a copy of Mika’s latest, or nearly anything else.
  • While Nick Hodgson (aka the Kaiser Chief’s drummer and main creative force) is attributed with contributing to the song writing process on many of the tracks on Record Collection the only song where he is the head songwriter is “Record Collection” which oddly enough features Mark Ronson as MC and Simon Le Bon on vocals.
  • There are exactly three instrumental breaks during the album, which I believe is in a par with Ronson’s last album. This means that Ronson appreciates instrumental breaks almost as much as I do. Go Mark Ronson.
  • Boy George’s voice has changed substantially since the 80′s or I’m miss remembering his voice and he sounds exactly the same. I assume it’s the former though, what with all the smoking and drugs.
  • There is only one song on this album that I truly dislike, but I don’t dislike it to the point where I can’t even listen to it (see “My Interpretation” or “Song for Sunshine” both of the which I refuse to listen to.) This is impressive given how damn picky I can be.

My suggestion, make the effort to take a listen to this album. I’m fairly sure it’s going to be in this year’s top 10 for me.

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