Irish Cuisine

My biggest concern recently about going abroad has been food. I have a few staples here in the US, such as Outback and Kraft Mac and Cheese, that I will not have available to me in Ireland. I just skyped with my friend that is studying abroad in London right now and she informed me that most Irish grocery stores do not carry American brands, but there are some stores that only carry American brands. Only problem with that is that those stores are extremely overpriced because it is your only option to get American brands. She advised that I bring any food I consider essential (Kraft Mac and Cheese) over with me, or have my mom ship it to me. So I will probably be bringing a good amount of mac and cheese with me over to Ireland. I will need some comfort food when I first get there!

Now onto some information about traditional Irish cuisine.
In the 17th and 18th centuries the Irish were known for having a boring cuisine, mainly consisting of cabbage and potatoes. Potatoes sustained the poor in Ireland until 1845 when a fungus spread throughout the potato crop killing millions of people and forcing over a million people to emigrate to escape starvation. Today Ireland is known for their fish and chips (french fries). Corned beef and Irish stew are also dishes that Ireland is known for.

I’m not too worried about the food there because I know they are huge on potatoes and I LOVE potatoes. I know that potatoes will always be available to me and that gives me comfort. Something interesting that I learned while reading about Irish cuisine is that food experts say that a diet of potatoes and milk will give you all of the nutrients the human body needs. Everyone is always on my case because I eat so many forms of potatoes and they are “all carbohydrates” and now I know that that is false. Potatoes have protein, calcium, and niacin, as well as a good amount of carbohydrates.

Here is an Irish food pyramid I found that I thought was funny:

I am also not crushed that alcohol is on their food pyramid….

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