33 days…

Until I leave for Ireland!! I can’t believe it’s so close.

Leigh and I are flying out on January 1st, from Newark Airport.  We are flying into Dublin, and still have to figure our how we are getting from Dublin to Cork.  Classes start January 4th, so we will have a few day to beat the jet lag and get settled in.  Have I told you about our crazy schedule yet? I don’t think I have. Here it is:

January 4- March 25 – Spring Semester Class

March 28- April 1 – Spring Break/ Reading Days

April 4- April 29 – Easter Break

May 2- May 27 – Finals

Yes you read that correctly, it is not a typo, I really do have a FIVE WEEK Spring/Easter Break.  Then the entire month of May is dedicated to taking your 4 or 5 finals.  Originally I thought that I would be able to talk to my teachers and hopefully come back around mid May to start my summer job. But then I got my acceptance letter and in bold letters at the end of it they say No final exams may be taken early. Plan on staying in Cork until the end of May.

So there went my hopes of coming home a little early.  I’m not complaining too much though, because I can use those five weeks off to travel around Europe!  Leigh’s extended family lives in Switzerland so they know their way around Europe pretty well which should be a huge help to us.

I went on an Ireland shopping spree (my Christmas present) on Tuesday and bought a lot of clothes! My mom and sister also bought a lot for me a couple of weeks ago.  Im planning to take pictures of my new wardrobe and post them on here, I just left my camera at school so I’ll have to do that when I get back.  I basically look like the model that I posted in my previous post about clothes in Ireland, so if you need a visual right away you can refer back to that. :)

I think that is all of the news I have about Ireland.  My living is all worked out, travel plans are made, I am going to bring A LOT of kraft mac-n-cheese, I have a new wardrobe…only thing that I still need is boots! I need some boots that are comfortable and look good with jeans and a sweater dress and tights.  If there are any fashionistas reading this and have any ideas for me I’d greatly appreciate it!

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