Galway was last weekend.  We discovered that there actually are not a lot of sights to see in Galway, it is more known for it’s night life.  There are pubs with live music everywhere, and there are clubs that are mostly for dancing, and then of course they have plubs (pub+club) that are a bit of both.  We got there around 2 on Saturday and it was pouring rain outside and really windy, luckily we found our hostel pretty easily.  It was a lot nicer that we expected and actually cheaper than we expected which is always a nice surprise.  Then we ventured out again to find this restaurant that our friend Sarah had read about in a book she has.  We had the hardest time finding the place but eventually we did and we had some delicious sandwiches, which seems to be becoming a theme here in Ireland.  We decided to make pasta for dinner, you know to save some dough, and it is a good thing we did because if we had gone out we never would have met Giona (pronounced Jonah).  He is from Switzerland and speaks French, Italian and English, he hates German, “it’s so ugly!”.  Also he hated the way we say “hockey”, so if you ever encounter an Itialian/French speaking Swiss person beware of that word.  Anyways the friend he was with wasn’t feeling well so he came out with us, he was definitely entertaining if nothing else.

And guess what was in Galway? A McDonalds! So guess where we went after the plub? They are literally following me around the globe.

On Sunday we went walking around town a little to see the few sights that were in Galway but our main goal was to find this cupcake shop that we had seen the day before.  We found it:

They all looked so good! They had champagne flavored, Bailey’s, lemon, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate…so many options!  But you know me had to stick with what I know, black forest.  Yep they had a black forest muffin.  I got it and it was so good!  I knew coldstone icrecream would never lead me astray.

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