My Depth Dimension

A couple of weeks ago we signed up for a weekend trip with a Christian based club on campus, thinking it was going to be a sight seeing trip, like their day trip was.  Well turns out we got the wording a little wrong, it was actually a weekend retreat.  So we really didn’t know what to expect, we just knew there were a lot of sessions on the schedule for Saturday.  A monk named Brother Richard, who is working at UCC for the Chaplaincy, was the one leading us in these sessions.  He turned out to be very interesting and the topics he focused on were surprisingly not religious ones, but more about bettering your life just in general.  His main focus was about how we can reach our depth dimension, I am still a bit unsure of what that actually is, but I equate it with reaching an inner peace of sorts.  He talked about getting past the obstacles of everyday life, some steps you can take to get closer to reaching your depth dimension and just about how to get up every morning and be genuinely excited about life.  All of which I did find interesting.

The part I found the most fascinating was when he talked about the difference between the male and female brain and how those biological differences make it much harder for males and females to communicate effectively.  He was a relationship counselor for a while so I like to think he knows what he is talking about.  Not to mention a lot of what he was saying made complete sense when I thought back on some conversation I’ve had.

Other than the sessions, we went on a long 5 mile walk along the beach on Saturday (was only supposed to be 3 but we got lost), and that was really nice.  It was a nice, sunny day, not too cold, and it was just very relaxing.  The entire trip only cost 20 euros so even though we didn’t get what we were expecting I think it was worth it.

Here are some pictures of the beach, and a little bit of the town.  (Yougal)

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