I still can’t believe I have actually been to Paris, so surreal.  We were there from Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning and we spent all of our time sight seeing and eating.  It was amazing.  We started out with two museums, one of them being the Musee D’Orsey, which was really cool.  I’m not an art person but I still thought the art in there was beautiful and I wanted to see all of it.  On Thursday night we went on a ferris wheel ride that takes you high enough to see the entire city.  It was amazing to see that view at night when the city was all lit up.

On Friday and Saturday we saw the rest of the “must-see” sights.  The Eiffel Tower, the Jardin de Luxembourg, Le Louvre, Le Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, Versailles…I might be forgetting something, but there was so much to see!  Taking pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower was really fun.   It was a bit chilly while we were there so on our way back to the metro we stopped at a stand to get some chocolate/nutella crepes. SO GOOD. When I saw the guy making them I was thinking that they didn’t look like anything special, I was so wrong.  So that was a perfect ending to our Eiffel Tower adventure.

The Cathedrals that were saw were mesmerizing.  I had no idea how extensive the Notre Dame was and I was amazed at how beautiful and detailed it is inside and out.  We saw the Sacre Coeur at nighttime and that was amazing.  It’s lit up and on top of a hill so at night it’s really really pretty. There isn’t as much to see on the inside like with Notre Dame, but there is a little town around it with shopping and restaurants everywhere so we walked around the town for awhile.

We all agreed that eating the food in Paris is a very important part of the experience so we made sure we didn’t miss out on that.  I had a lot of chocolate cake, the most delicious eclair, donuts, and of course crepes.  We also tried authentic french onion soup, and a sandwich called a croque monsieur, that is essentially ham and cheese.

We only had to pay for food and travel while were there because one of the girls we were traveling with has a friend that lives in Paris.  She graciously let us stay in her flat with her for free which saved us a good amount of money.  And she also told us that students studying in Europe get into all of the museums for free, so we did not have to pay at all to go to the museums.  We saw the Mona Lisa at Le Louvre for free, pretty good deal.

Basically I thought Paris was amazing and we saw all we could fit in in 3 days and ate as much as we possibly could, I would consider it a very successful trip.  The one thing that was a bit disappointing to me was that the gypsies aren’t dressed as you would picture a gypsy in your mind.  I thought they would be in ridiculous colorful dresses, jewelry everyone, but turns out they just look like normal women.  While we were on the train from the airport I heard a women whispering something behind me so I turned around and it was a women breast feeding a child saying “s’il vous plait” over and over again.  I was pretty much frozen and just staring at this baby that was attached to a breast right beside my face, and luckily our french hostess, Carole, told the women no so she walked away.  And that was my one and only experience with a gypsy.

The Sacre Coeur:

Notre Dame:

Eiffel Tower: (attempting to get a jumping picture)

Hall of Mirrors at the Versailles Castle

Nutella Crepe:

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