Pre-Production Blog

Here’s a quick run through of the ideas I have for the opera:

  • Given that we have a large number of vocalists and a small number of instrumentalists I would suggest we focus on vocal melody over rich instrumentation.
  • Having looked over some of the other pre-production entries I think Sarah’s idea of using leitmotivs is a very good one and would play to the strengths of everyone involved.
  • I think it would best, and possibly easiest because we have no English majors in our group, to adapt a pre-existing text. We could either adapt it and create our own libretto or adapt say a play and take the libretto from the source. The latter is dependent on how comfortable our composers are with using already written text, but either way I think it would be a good idea to consider using something that’s already written as at least a foundation for our opera.
  • Finally, given our numbers and given the space we have available to us I think it might be a good idea to consider doing a more stripped down opera instead of something along the lines of grand opera or Wagnerian style music drama. While we could incorporate musical elements from both styles, in terms of staging and production it’s unlikely we could pull either style off well given the above restrictions and also the comparatively limited amount of time we have to put all of this together.

. Hopefully this will be helpful as we put together our opera. Nora

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