The Entry That Is Going to Get Me Lynched

Everyone, or perhaps more accurately a large percentage of people, have a great many complaints about Mary Washington. They complain about the lack of school spirit and convenient parking. They moan about Seaco and the lack of things to do on the weekend. A small number within the larger percentage complain about rising tuition and how the schools wastes said money on frivolous things (which isn’t entirely untrue.) They moan and they bitch and nothing really changes (except for when it comes to old buildings which I’m not at all against.) Some people transfer but an equal number of people stay and complain. I don’t really understand it though. Boys complain about the lack of attractive girls and girls complain about the lack of available men. We moan, which is almost our equivalent to school spirit, and stay. And I don’t understand.
I’m not saying that I’m absolutely and completely happy with our school. There are things I would change, but most of the them are inconsequential and heavily biased (and so really shouldn’t be implemented.) I can’t say I’m happy with the direction the school is going in especially when it comes to the kind of students being admitted. On the other hand the things that the student body at large complain about seem so superficial to me that I don’t really see the point. It’s almost as if we complain about our school because it doesn’t exactly resemble what the media portrays as a typical college. But really the things we bitch about are things we knew ahead of time when applying to Mary Wash. Alright, maybe not the parking regulations, but the food, the lack of stuff to do on the weekend, the gender ratios, they were all known factors when we applied here. There’s no point in complaining about things we knew ahead of time were going to be part of the experience. It’s like when you start dating someone and you want to change who they are and then moan when they refuse to. You knew what you were getting into, so what’s the point? That’s what I don’t understand and that’s why I don’t complain. I applied and decided to go to Mary Washington knowing what its warts were and accepting those warts for what they are. If you’re so unhappy, then don’t go here because quite frankly you’re ruining it for the rest of us.
I’ve been trying to put this entry into a coherent argument for a while because it really does bother me the amount of complaining my fellow students do. I understand some of the arguments (tuition hikes) even though I don’t necessarily agree with them, but moaning about the lack of school spirit just seems pointless, especially since the school is, sadly enough, known for not having school spirit on the same level as say JMU or Fake College From TV. It’s the frivolous complaints that annoy me, not the meaningful ones. The reason it’s taken me so long is that I had to weed out my own superficial complaints that no one really wants to read about (and largely would just confirm that I am old and crotchety well before my time). If you don’t agree, fine. That’s what the first amendment is for.

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