Pre-Production Post

The biggest issue when putting on a production of any kind is communication. In putting together our opera our biggest downfall has been a lack of communication. While all the individual pieces (music, libretto, instrumentalists, etc.) were done in plenty of time we as a group had issues communicating with each other which meant that there was a headlong rush the week before our opera to try and put everything together to try and create the cohesive story we originally came up with a month ago. Thankfully we have some very organized and dedicated people in our group that could pick up the slack where others failed and we also have an excellent group of musicians who will be able to put everything we have together in a manner befitting of this project. While there’s not much we can do to fix the past, I do think future classes need to keep in mind that a good line of communication is essential when doing a project like this, or really in putting on any kind of dramatic performance.

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