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Excitement for what’s to come…

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Ok. After multiple fights with this blog, and switching to a completely new browser (hello Firefox, goodbye Internet Explorer), my new study abroad blog begins. On Thursday (2 days from now!) I will be departing for my 5 week stay in Aquae Sulis: the waters of Sulis, the name given to the land of Bath by the Romans (a long ass time ago, obviously). Bath, also popularly known as the Roman Baths because of the healing powers of the waters, is my destination. I will be traveling with 7 other UMW students with the beloved Foss-Scanlon family. We will be taking 2 classes during our stay while touring the country and living in cool historical townhouses in the middle of the city.

There was so much to do in the month that I was home after the end of the spring semester; I was in a general state of panic. And while I’ve calmed down since then, I’m still freaking out on the inside.

Just a little antsy waiting for Thursday evening to come and hoping I can get some sleep on the plane!

-cheers for now, I’m proper tired.

Sydney By Night

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

In the two weeks that Justin was here he did a fairly thorough combing through of all the city’s main attractions. I think he probably went to every site of historical significance that was accessible by foot and bus. Most days I would go to class in the mornings and he would venture out into the city and then once I was done with class I would meet him somewhere and we would do something in the afternoon and end up back at the apt around 5. We covered a lot of ground this way, but having such full days leaves you very tried and not too keen on doing much in the evenings. Yes we would cook dinner and chat with my roommates and friends on the hall, but we didn’t do much in the way of nightlife. Towards the end of his stay I mentioned this and suggested that on the Thursday night before we left for Canberra we explore Sydney after hours. Thursday night is ideal for going out since places don’t tend to be as crowded as they are on Fridays and Saturdays and most bars do not charge cover on Thursdays.

My original plan was for the two of us to bus downtown to check out The Three Monkeys and Scruffy Murphy’s, two bar/clubs with live music that are right across the street from one another. However, as we were getting ready to go out Yaella showed up and invited us to check out a jazz bar that she had been too once before in Surry Hills with Lindsay. Knowing how much Justin likes Jazz I suggested that we abandon our original plan and go with Yaella and Lindsay instead.

The first time Yaella had gone to this club she had walked there with Jill and her cousin, and this time we were going to take the bus so we figured out which stop we needed and caught the bus on Glebe Point Rd. Once we got on we asked the driver to please tell us when we had approached the stop we were looking for and he grumpily agreed to do so. We rode the bus for about 20 minutes into downtown, and at some point Yaella looked up and said “This isn’t anywhere near Surry Hills”

When we asked the bus driver about this, he told us that his route didn’t really go near Surry Hills and what we needed to do is get off and walk about 30 minutes west. So much for going to the jazz club. Being that we were already downtown we decided to see what there was to do down there. Yaella suggested The Ivy, which is an upscale cocktail bar frequented by young professionals after work. We went in and it took us all of 45 seconds to determine that this was not our scene. Next stop was a dance club that had very cheap beverages, but when we walked onto the dance floor we were literally the only people there who were not working there. We did a fairly quick u-turn out of there. Since we were working our way up towards The Three Monkeys I suggested we go through with my original plan and head there, Yaella and Lindsay agreed.

Upon walking into the Three Monkeys Justin was delighted to find a very chill bar atmosphere. Yaella and Lindsay and I had dragged him to a nightclub the first weekend he was here for Lindsay’s birthday and since he dances like a stereotypical white boy he never feels comfortable in places like that. Fearful that he was being dragged into a similar establishment he was relieved to find an actual bar with people hanging out at tables and not grinding to laser lights and club music.

Spiffed up for a night on the town

Feeling very mature in my black dress with adult beverage in hand. My first strawberry daiquiri. mmmm

I steered everyone upstairs to the third floor since I was the only one who had been there before. As we climbed the stairs a thumping club beat became louder and louder. I could feel Justin growing dreadful of what awaited us on the top floor. We emerged to a dance floor with a live band that was on break, and so club music was playing and Justin was visibly grumpy about this. I told him that the reason I thought he would like it is because there was a live band, but he wasn’t having it, he didn’t like clubs and he thought I had dragged him to one under false pretenses.

Lindsay and Yaella wanted to dance, so Justin and I went back downstairs to get drinks and once we got back up the band was playing. About ten minutes into their set Justin was tapping his toes and singing along and I was sporting the “I told you so” smirk across my face. Yaella got asked to dance by a guy who was drooling over her. Literally. This guy actually had a dribble of drool down his chin, and we all kept waiting for him to wipe it, but he didn’t. Yaella was very hesitant at first but somehow was coerced into dancing with him, but keept a good few inches of distance between her and the drool face. Lindsay, Justin and I were observing this and cracking up, but Yaella ending up getting a free drink out of it. The band at the Three Monkeys did an interesting selection of songs and some clever remixes but generally speaking the band wasn’t all that talented so around midnight I suggested we headed over to Scruffy Murphy’s for a bit. Yaella was happy for any excuse to get away from the drool monster so she excused herself to go to the bathroom and then we dipped out of the Three Monkeys and ran across the street to Scruffy Murphy’s.

The atmosphere there is similar to The Three Monkeys, but a bit more like a traditional bar. Although there was a live band there and they were a lot more musically talented than the first one had been. Also they had far better haircuts. Lindsay, Yaella and I went to town, dancing our little butts off and just generally having a great time. I even got Justin out onto the dance floor and he was singing along to the music and twirling me around like a pro. At one point when I was up dancing with the girls and Justin was sitting down some older guy came up to Justin and said

“Hey mate, is that your bird?” (bird is an australian colloquial term for girl, and he was pointing at me)

and Justin said


and he said

“Good on ya mate!”

We all had a good chuckle about this later.

Ladies: composed, Yaella sporting the infamous leather pants

Ladies rocking out, and is that a hint of cleavage I spy? Perhaps? One can dream!

Am I really that tall? I wasn't even wearing heels.

My two favorite people to walk around Sydney with

We had only planned on staying out till around midnight, but we were having such a great time that we didn’t end up making it back to Glebe till around 2 am. Justin kept saying,”we will leave when they play a bad song” and they just never did. Finally the band took a break though, and we decided it was time to make our exit. We walked back to Glebe and promptly crawled into bed since Justin and I had a 7am bus to catch to Canberra the next morning. Even though we knew we wouldn’t get much sleep and would be exhausted the following day, it was a great night out and we had no regrets.


Sports Day

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Two weeks ago we had Sports Day. Sports Day is actually two days that consist of sports competitions where homeroom classes compete in different sports tourney-style, and a school festival (what might be more accurately termed a “talent show”) where students danced, sang, rapped, and cross-dressed in order to win the crown of Ms. School Festival.

One student told me that Sports Day was like their Prom. At first I took issue with this statement – Prom is a formal dance, and there is nothing formal about Sports Day. Sports Day is full of screaming high school students dressed in matching jerseys competing in various sports in the hot May sun, to claim that out of all the classes at their school their class is the BEST AT DODGEBALL.  American Prom is not like Korean Sports Day at all. American pep rallies are more like Korean Sports Day. However, the sentence was not that “Prom is like Sports Day,” it was that “Sports Day is like Prom.” I was being too hasty. Sure, Sports Day and Prom are incredibly dissimilar, but the sentence still stands. Korean Sports Day is like American Prom, because it is the only school-wide event that all Korean schools have. It is the closest thing to American Prom just by default.

In terms of daily routines and student body make-up my school is a bit atypical. From what I can tell, in Korea for the most part you have lower-level high schools and upper-level high schools. Within the schools there are divisions based on ability, but for the most part everyone at an upper-level high school will go to a college (or a good college), and everyone at a lower-level high school will either go to a mediocre college or won’t go at all. My school has both: an advanced track full of absolutely brilliant students (example: I asked them to give me examples of superpowers, and one student said “telekinesis”), and also many students who have elementary-level English. This means that some students are shooting for the top 3 universities in Seoul (SKY), and some probably aren’t going to go to college.

The average day (for an advanced track student) at my high school consists of him or her getting to school anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30 am, and not leaving until 10 pm. She has her eight-or-so classes in a row, studies through her lunch period, and then takes supplemental classes in the evenings. After the supplemental classes she self-studies at school, then either takes the last bus home, walks, carpools with her homeroom teacher, or she goes to the dormitory where she decided to live because that means she can stay at school later. When she arrives at home, she studies some more. My host sister is an advanced-track student, and the only days my host sister comes home “early” (around 7 pm) it is because either she is too sick to stay at school for supplementary classes, or she has a meeting with her private tutor.

It’s easy to think that the non-advanced students have an easier time of it. Many of them don’t take supplementary classes, or leave as soon as those classes are done, and I’ll end up riding the bus home with them. However the non-advanced track students also have it pretty rough, because even if they get to leave earlier (“earlier” meaning a very few students leave at 3, but then most of them leave between 5 and 7) many of them have part time jobs and work until really late. I saw one of my students riding a motorbike delivering pizza to my apartment complex at 9 pm on a weekday. He stopped and chatted for a minute, and then told me that his shift ended at midnight. It always makes me sad, because the students who must have jobs have such a steep disadvantage compared to the advanced track kids who have the time and ability to spend all day studying.

The advanced-track students competed in an English essay contest. The essay prompt was “your school life.” All of the quotes below, are what my advanced students have to say about the Korean school system (these are direct quotes, though the bold emphasis is mine):

“…sometimes I feel, our school’s color is gray, mood of depression and silence, though general school life, the teens’ time, is green, mood of fresh and dynamic.”

“We students are still teens. We are not adults. We have to sleep for enough time to reset our brain (take a rest to our brain) and grow well both physical and mental. However we spend sleep time doing such difficult things, we don’t have enough sleep time, so we sleep in class.”

“Sometimes I think I’m like ‘A bird in the locked cage’. Yes I know, school is not cage but like preparing courses to fly away. However, in my opinion, we have not had any adversity or ‘real’ problems because we merely have learned many subjects to enter famous university from high school, we cannot fly away because we have not faced and not tried to solve this problems. We need real experiences, not superficial knowledge.”

“Nowadays I feel sometimes today is yesterday because it running always same pattern. Go to the school, attend the class, eat meals, and go to the self-study. I’m so tired that pattern.

“My first wish is entered good university but it is not my only wish. I wanna be a prom queen and I wanna watch some movies with boyfriend but in real life I have to bear it down for a while. Oh not for a while, for 3 years! Grown ups told me that when I entered university in Seoul my life gonna stunning but I have to pay that in high school. “

However an underlying theme that every single student mentioned was how important their friends were, and how they would not be able to get through school without them.

“I’m sure that my airbag is my friends. When I’m stuck in my gloomy they come to me and cheer me up and makes me amused. This is can be because we play on the same team and they through the storm with me. The hands, what they give me could be a good windbreaker. We are competitor but we never think that we are rival. We play this little bit boring and annoying game together.”

This bond between students has never been more apparent than on Sports Day. When I arrived at school all the students were running around in brightly colored jerseys that they had designed and ordered for their homerooms, and the teachers were all wearing casual clothing and hats. Not a single student was late, and everyone was enthusiastically stretching and getting ready for the day. Normally when I come to school my students look like zombies, and one of the goals of my class is to have an activity that is so energetic that it helps wake them up for their next teacher. On Sports Day the students where more alive than I’ve ever seen them. As I was the foreign English teacher, I wasn’t given any duties so I was able to wander around and interact with my students outside of the classroom.

Sports Day was the absolute best thing I have experienced in Korea – it really showed me how talented, skilled and multi-dimensional my students are. Considering how much time they spend sitting and studying, my students are GREAT athletes! They also can rap, dance, and sing really well! Most of my interactions with the students happen in the classroom, and on average the English level at Sapgyo High School is pretty low. Many of my students become frustrated in the classroom because they feel that they are not able to communicate. Even my advanced-track students get frustrated, because they have all these great ideas or logically formulated opinions that they can perfectly express in Korean, but either cannot articulate, or are only able to do so poorly in English. I know from daily experience exactly how frustrating this can be. However, Sports Day meant that I got to hang out with the students not as my English students, but just as people. They explained the games to me, and showed off their skills. I also saw how many inter-homeroom class friendships there were, which was somewhat surprising because students spend so much time with their fellow homeroom students, but also a nice byproduct of teaching a school with only 500 students.

Sports Day pictures forthcoming.

Dinner in Darling

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Getting off my international flight in February I was wide eyed and ready to explore every inch of Sydney I could get my hands on. For the first few weeks/months I made good on this goal. Yaella and I did walking tours of neighboring suburbs, I explored the beaches, islands and attractions, but over time got into a routine and stopped venturing too far out of my way. I guess you could say I found myself in a rut. Yes I was still in this amazing international city and yes there were still pieces of it I had yet to see, but with classes and my internship I just got bogged down in work and spent my evenings sitting in my apt rather than being out on the town.

Once Justin flew in I found myself looking at the city with a fresh set of eyes. He wanted to explore things I had yet to see and since he only had two weeks here there was no sense in doing anything more than once. I have been to Darling Harbor many times this semester for various reasons, but I hadn’t been back in a while. On Justin’s to do list was to see the Maritime museum which is in Darling Harbor. So one day after my morning classes we met up and walked to the harbor to spend a few hours in the museum.

Darling Harbor

The maritime museum was alright, I think Justin enjoyed it more than I did, but it was free so I have no real complaints. At one point we were watching a video reel of major Australian battleships and Justin said

“Doesn’t that just give you chills?”

Me: “Does what give me chills?”

Justin: “Those huge battleships, all that firepower, don’t you just think its incredible?”

Me: “I mean I guess, but I’ve seen battleships before, its kinda whatever”

It could be that since my Aunt lives close to Norfolk, one of the largest deep water ports in the US, I have become jaded to such displays of naval prowess, or maybe I am just not a boy who is in the military and therefore the whole ‘military might’ thing is lost on me. Or perhaps I have just watched a few too many episodes of Modern Marvels with my dad, but regardless, Justin enjoyed the museum far more than I did.

We had purchased tickets to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides at the IMAX theatre. Darling Harbor is home to the largest IMAX screen in the world, and the film was being screened in 3D which meant that even if the movie wasn’t so great we were guaranteed a great viewing experience. The museum closed at 5 and the movie started at 8:45 so we had some time to goof around in the harbor.

Getting my feet wet in the spiral fountain in the harbor

Happy in the harbor

We caught a happy hour at a bar called Home Bar and ended up hanging out there for a few hours since the drinks were half price and there was a live band that was quite good. Even after a few rounds of drinks we still had an hour and a half to kill till our movie started so I suggested that we go to Pancakes on the Rocks, an amazing pancake restaurant that is named for its location, with the flagship restaurant being located in an area of Sydney called “The Rocks” but oddly enough they have another restaurant in Darling Harbor. So we ate at Pancakes on the Rocks, which was really Pancakes in Darling Harbor. Justin wasn’t as excited about this as I was, but I think our experience may have effectively converted him into a pancake lover. I got the Blueberry heaven pancakes and he got the strawberry patch pancakes and we ended up sharing and eating off of eachothers plates. It was divine.

We lingered at the restaurant chatting and then strolled over to the IMAX theatre around 8:30.

The tagline for this movie should just be "Mooooo" because it is just Disney milking the cash cow

The movie was alright, very low on plot and heavy on action sequences and sword fighting. The screenwriters seem to really like to watch Johnny Depp swing from things. Instead of Jack Sparrow they should rename him Jack Sparrow of the Jungle. Not having gone into the film with very high expectations we weren’t disappointed, and the whole IMAX/3D thing really made the experience.

I have walked by the IMAX theatre every time I have been to Darling Harbor but never found a reason to check it out until Justin was here, this has been true of a lot of things. Having Justin here really helped me to reopen my eyes to the city and get back into exploring. While I won’t be able to do too much venturing around in the next week or so with finals on the horizon I am very excited to share this city with the rest of the Lapointe family in July!

Matching outfits were completely unintentional

Busy, busy.

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

I’ve been SO busy with uni work lately that it’s driving me nuts.

However, my mother recently confirmed her plans to come visit me, so I will be staying here until August 9th!!  I’m so excited. :)

I’ll be able to start blogging more once finals are over.

Breaking Bread with Feathered Friends

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

The first time I took Justin to the botanical gardens he was amazed to see the hundreds of cockatoos that inhabit the grounds. They can be seen all over Sydney, but there is a heavy concentration of them in the botanical gardens, and I suspect this is because people feed them there. So that first day we observed two girls feeding (read: getting mauled by) some cockatoos and while Justin tried it that day, not having anything better to offer than some seeds he picked up under a tree the birds didn’t take any particular interest in him. He made me promise we would return with bread. So one day after we had been doing some shopping and walking around downtown we headed to the botanical gardens once more, this time with bread in hand.

We walked around the park for a good 15 minutes before we could find a group of birds on the ground. When we eventually did find some they were already being fed by a couple sitting on a park bench. Justin attempted to lure them away and while it was slow at first, eventually word got out that there was food to be had.

Cockatoo feeding gets off to a slow start, but we have a taker

Justin makes some more friends

And they're up!

And then there were three

And the birds come marching in

Getting his head scratched

I am not quite the bird whisperer that Justin is

Getting the hang of it

At ease


I don't know who is freaking out more here, me or the cockatoo I am trying to shake off of me.

I made peace

Once all the bread had been expended the birds tried to feed on the next obvious food source, Justin's shoe

I had far more fun watching Justin with the birds than I did having them on me. They have very sharp claws and I was very afraid of having one of the birds go all Mike Tyson on me and end up loosing a bit of my ear. Justin seemed not to have these fears and was giggly and geeking out the whole time. After we had used up all our bread we spent a little bit of time strolling along the waters edge and letting our minds wander out into the harbor. It was a beautiful autumn day as the sun shone warm on our faces and a cool breeze moved through the trees every few minutes.  It was a perfect way to end the day, and to think I would not have made it out there had Justin not been here. Having someone to share Sydney with has really given me a second wind and swept me right out of my routine. While I do love Sydney and Australia will always hold a special place in my heart and my memories, I think I will soon be ready to be stateside once more. After all, there’s no place like home right?

One of my favorite spots in Sydney

Holland and Belgium!

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Amsterdam with Kirsten, Leighs sister, and two of her friends, Megan and Marlaena, was next.  We got there pretty early in the morning, probably around 9 or 10.  The Amsterdam airport is an actual mall by the way, so big.  We found Kirsten and headed into the city to find out hostel.  Then we just walked around for the rest of the day, and got some food and hung out.  We ended up passing out around like 9 because they were tired from jetlag and we were tired from out 6am flight.  next day Leigh and I ventured out to find the Anne Frank House.  it took us a little while but eventually we found it and its mile long line  Apparently you can make a reservation online to miss the line, I would definitely recommend this.  We didn’t actually go in, just looked at the house.  I liked Amsterdam, very busy, lots of bikers, very alive city.  Next was a city called Den Haag in Holland.  We unfortunately didn’t see much of Den Haag, we grabbed some food from the grocery store right next to our hostel, and ate dinner at our hostel.  We ended up drinking there also and met some of the guys that work at the hostel, had a little dance party, and the guys form the hostel walked us up to the beach.  They couldn’t find any food place that was open so that was a little upsetting to me, but I got over it eventually.

From Den Haag we went to the Tulip Gardens.  Not much to say about those besides for I have never seen so many beautiful flowers and I was compulsively taking pictures.  I kept saying to myself “you have enough pictures of flowers amy, nobody wants to see anymore flowers” but I just couldn’t stop.  Had to make a little stop on the way to the Tulip Gardens with Marlaena because of Den Haag.  Den Haag got a little out of control and lets just say riding a bus is not good for nausea. So Marlaean and I got off at a random stop to take a breather and caught the next bus.  We got off in a really cute area.  Very residential and people riding bikes everywhere.  That was easily my favorite part of Holland, the bike riding.  Bikes are huge there, they have their own lanes and lights and all that and it just looked so much nicer than being in a car.  Yes I realize that sometimes it rains and its cold and windy, but we happened to be there during beautiful days so it just always looked so lovely.

Nordwich, I don’t I spelled that correctly, was the next town in Holland.  It is a really small town right beside the beach.  The hostel we stayed in was interesting.  The people that work their don’t actually get paid, they just work for room and food.  And when they aren’t actually working they just hang out at the hostel and drink and smoke weed together (its legal all over Holland).  We were pretty pooped from Den Haag and the Tulips so we went to bed around 10.

Next was off to Belgium.  All I really have to saw about Belgium is THE FRENCH FRIES WERE PURE HEAVEN. Did you know Belgium is known for their fries? Neither did I! But don’t worry I made to try them and see why.  I had the most delicious fries, and maybe food period, that I have ever tasted from a french fry place in Brussels.  I don’t really want to take about it they were so good I get sad I will probably never eat them again.  But I also acknowledge that it is good that I do not live there because I would be in cardiac arrest by now.  We also went to Antwerp and Bruge while we were there.  We were in a different city every day and traveled by train.  It sounded like it would be a really tiring trip but we actually got a good amount of sleep and it was really nice.

Holland ended up being one of my favorite places that I visited.

Barcelona Part 2!

Friday, May 27th, 2011

I went to barcelona again with my friends, 1. because they were going and it sounded better than sitting in Cork and 2. we were celebrating Sarah Harlans 22nd birthday (shes so old) there!

Kelly and I were there for a day alone and we just walked around Passeig de gracia, went on a free walking tour, ate at a little tapas place, and realized that everything on the menu was so cheap because they were tiny tapa (appetizer) size portion.  Late the next day our friends Sarah and Maggie got there! We were really excited to see them because we came straight to Barcelona from Berlin and were sick and tired of each other (surprisingly we actually weren’t). They got there pretty late so we just grabbed some food and headed back to the hostel to hang out for the night.  We decided to just walk around the next day, it was beautiful, low 70s and sunny.  Sarah Sharbaugh got ahold of a map and found out we could walk to the beach in about 20 minutes and also that we could walk to Les Ramblas in about 10. So we walked through the Les Rambas market, I’d been there with my mom and Jenny, and we went to the food market and they loved al the fresh fruit.  Then we continued on to the beach. It was beautiful at the beach so we just sat for awhile. At this point we had been walking for awhile and it was sunny outside so I found a spot in the shade to sit, you know wouldn’t want to get sunburned.

After the beach sit we decided to go to the Olympic Stadium.  kelly and I found out on our free tour that the palm trees and sand in Barcelona are not native to Barcelona but were actually shipped from Hawaii and Egypt in preparation for the 1992 Olympics.  The red light district was also closed off before the Olympics.  We saw the apartment building that de Vinci lived in and heard a story behind one of his famous paintings, the one that is translated as “the ladies of the night”. He asked some “ladies of the night” to pose for one of his painting, and they did.  When he was finished he showed them the painting and they thought it was an insult to their beauty because he work is so abstract.  So they proceeded to chase him out of the apartment and down the street.  We also saw the area where, as our tour guide out it, de vinci was “deflowered”.

Back to the Olympic Stadium, it is in a beautiful area, we walked past this castle type building that was actually a museum on our way to the stadium.  There’s also a park surround the stadium.  This is the point in the day where my chest and shoulders were visibly read and actually starting to burn. I hadn’t realized how long we had actually been out in the sun and walking around.  I gave up on getting a tan about 4 years ago and could really care less, and I can’t( I guess I should say could not) remember the last time I got a bad burn.  Suntan lotion is my friend.  So everyone is worried and like “amy we should go back,I’m worried you’re really red, blah blah” and eventually we go back but it way way to late.  You can see I’m burnt to a crisp already, and usually it takes overnight for me to see my burns, and it already hurts. Moral to the story: do not underestimate the Barcelona sun. I had to put on lotion 7 times a day, (slash leigh put it on for me) for it to just be managable and it hurt to even have a piece of clothing resting on my shoulders.  Then a week or two later I peeled a disgusting amount with in Holland/Belgium with Leigh and her sister. Alright enough about the sunburn.

Leigh and Sarah Harlan get there that night and so we went and got them some food, and sang happy birthday to sarah at midnight and gave her her cake!.  Next day we went back to the beach, after buying suntan lotion, and stayed there most of the day.  That night we went out to dinner for sarahs bday and got lots of Sangria and drank and played card games. We were planning to go out but we ended up just hanging in our room.  The hostel was awesome by the way, our rooms were so spacey and we got our cute little table.  Only downside was that there wasn’t a kitchen.

We spent our last day there going to the market and just walking around.  We actually saw a protest the last day we were there which was such a cool thing to say.  Our tour guide had told us that people protest all the time because they have a history of many successful rebellions so the government actually listens usually.  Thousands of people were filing through the roads of Les Ramblas, I asked one of the protestants what it was for and she said it was because Spain is making cuts in healthcare and cleaning funds and they were protesting against the cuts.  it was a lot of doctors, and nurses and students.

Besides the sunburn, Barcelona Part 2 was beautiful.


Friday, May 27th, 2011

So…here’s a map of Italy. I’ll be in Orvieto, which is marked with a star. It’s supposedly 45 minutes from Rome, which is a really nice location.

On a sad-ish note, I’ve been informed that we have no access to the internet at the university I’ll be attending, which means I’ll only have internet access when I go to an internet cafe. Unfortunately that means less blog updates, so I apologize in advance. But I’ll do my best to keep this updated!


Friday, May 27th, 2011

I don’t want to leave. Including finals week (during which I only teach my Friday classes) I only have seven weeks left at Sapgyo High School. I don’t want to leave.