Barcelona Part 2!

I went to barcelona again with my friends, 1. because they were going and it sounded better than sitting in Cork and 2. we were celebrating Sarah Harlans 22nd birthday (shes so old) there!

Kelly and I were there for a day alone and we just walked around Passeig de gracia, went on a free walking tour, ate at a little tapas place, and realized that everything on the menu was so cheap because they were tiny tapa (appetizer) size portion.  Late the next day our friends Sarah and Maggie got there! We were really excited to see them because we came straight to Barcelona from Berlin and were sick and tired of each other (surprisingly we actually weren’t). They got there pretty late so we just grabbed some food and headed back to the hostel to hang out for the night.  We decided to just walk around the next day, it was beautiful, low 70s and sunny.  Sarah Sharbaugh got ahold of a map and found out we could walk to the beach in about 20 minutes and also that we could walk to Les Ramblas in about 10. So we walked through the Les Rambas market, I’d been there with my mom and Jenny, and we went to the food market and they loved al the fresh fruit.  Then we continued on to the beach. It was beautiful at the beach so we just sat for awhile. At this point we had been walking for awhile and it was sunny outside so I found a spot in the shade to sit, you know wouldn’t want to get sunburned.

After the beach sit we decided to go to the Olympic Stadium.  kelly and I found out on our free tour that the palm trees and sand in Barcelona are not native to Barcelona but were actually shipped from Hawaii and Egypt in preparation for the 1992 Olympics.  The red light district was also closed off before the Olympics.  We saw the apartment building that de Vinci lived in and heard a story behind one of his famous paintings, the one that is translated as “the ladies of the night”. He asked some “ladies of the night” to pose for one of his painting, and they did.  When he was finished he showed them the painting and they thought it was an insult to their beauty because he work is so abstract.  So they proceeded to chase him out of the apartment and down the street.  We also saw the area where, as our tour guide out it, de vinci was “deflowered”.

Back to the Olympic Stadium, it is in a beautiful area, we walked past this castle type building that was actually a museum on our way to the stadium.  There’s also a park surround the stadium.  This is the point in the day where my chest and shoulders were visibly read and actually starting to burn. I hadn’t realized how long we had actually been out in the sun and walking around.  I gave up on getting a tan about 4 years ago and could really care less, and I can’t( I guess I should say could not) remember the last time I got a bad burn.  Suntan lotion is my friend.  So everyone is worried and like “amy we should go back,I’m worried you’re really red, blah blah” and eventually we go back but it way way to late.  You can see I’m burnt to a crisp already, and usually it takes overnight for me to see my burns, and it already hurts. Moral to the story: do not underestimate the Barcelona sun. I had to put on lotion 7 times a day, (slash leigh put it on for me) for it to just be managable and it hurt to even have a piece of clothing resting on my shoulders.  Then a week or two later I peeled a disgusting amount with in Holland/Belgium with Leigh and her sister. Alright enough about the sunburn.

Leigh and Sarah Harlan get there that night and so we went and got them some food, and sang happy birthday to sarah at midnight and gave her her cake!.  Next day we went back to the beach, after buying suntan lotion, and stayed there most of the day.  That night we went out to dinner for sarahs bday and got lots of Sangria and drank and played card games. We were planning to go out but we ended up just hanging in our room.  The hostel was awesome by the way, our rooms were so spacey and we got our cute little table.  Only downside was that there wasn’t a kitchen.

We spent our last day there going to the market and just walking around.  We actually saw a protest the last day we were there which was such a cool thing to say.  Our tour guide had told us that people protest all the time because they have a history of many successful rebellions so the government actually listens usually.  Thousands of people were filing through the roads of Les Ramblas, I asked one of the protestants what it was for and she said it was because Spain is making cuts in healthcare and cleaning funds and they were protesting against the cuts.  it was a lot of doctors, and nurses and students.

Besides the sunburn, Barcelona Part 2 was beautiful.

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