Holland and Belgium!

Amsterdam with Kirsten, Leighs sister, and two of her friends, Megan and Marlaena, was next.  We got there pretty early in the morning, probably around 9 or 10.  The Amsterdam airport is an actual mall by the way, so big.  We found Kirsten and headed into the city to find out hostel.  Then we just walked around for the rest of the day, and got some food and hung out.  We ended up passing out around like 9 because they were tired from jetlag and we were tired from out 6am flight.  next day Leigh and I ventured out to find the Anne Frank House.  it took us a little while but eventually we found it and its mile long line  Apparently you can make a reservation online to miss the line, I would definitely recommend this.  We didn’t actually go in, just looked at the house.  I liked Amsterdam, very busy, lots of bikers, very alive city.  Next was a city called Den Haag in Holland.  We unfortunately didn’t see much of Den Haag, we grabbed some food from the grocery store right next to our hostel, and ate dinner at our hostel.  We ended up drinking there also and met some of the guys that work at the hostel, had a little dance party, and the guys form the hostel walked us up to the beach.  They couldn’t find any food place that was open so that was a little upsetting to me, but I got over it eventually.

From Den Haag we went to the Tulip Gardens.  Not much to say about those besides for I have never seen so many beautiful flowers and I was compulsively taking pictures.  I kept saying to myself “you have enough pictures of flowers amy, nobody wants to see anymore flowers” but I just couldn’t stop.  Had to make a little stop on the way to the Tulip Gardens with Marlaena because of Den Haag.  Den Haag got a little out of control and lets just say riding a bus is not good for nausea. So Marlaean and I got off at a random stop to take a breather and caught the next bus.  We got off in a really cute area.  Very residential and people riding bikes everywhere.  That was easily my favorite part of Holland, the bike riding.  Bikes are huge there, they have their own lanes and lights and all that and it just looked so much nicer than being in a car.  Yes I realize that sometimes it rains and its cold and windy, but we happened to be there during beautiful days so it just always looked so lovely.

Nordwich, I don’t I spelled that correctly, was the next town in Holland.  It is a really small town right beside the beach.  The hostel we stayed in was interesting.  The people that work their don’t actually get paid, they just work for room and food.  And when they aren’t actually working they just hang out at the hostel and drink and smoke weed together (its legal all over Holland).  We were pretty pooped from Den Haag and the Tulips so we went to bed around 10.

Next was off to Belgium.  All I really have to saw about Belgium is THE FRENCH FRIES WERE PURE HEAVEN. Did you know Belgium is known for their fries? Neither did I! But don’t worry I made to try them and see why.  I had the most delicious fries, and maybe food period, that I have ever tasted from a french fry place in Brussels.  I don’t really want to take about it they were so good I get sad I will probably never eat them again.  But I also acknowledge that it is good that I do not live there because I would be in cardiac arrest by now.  We also went to Antwerp and Bruge while we were there.  We were in a different city every day and traveled by train.  It sounded like it would be a really tiring trip but we actually got a good amount of sleep and it was really nice.

Holland ended up being one of my favorite places that I visited.

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