Bye America … (Finalmente) Hola España

These past few days have been crazy, absolutely crazy! Let’s begin with attempt #1 to leave America. Well, my father had other plans in mind before taking me to the airport and we didn’t put much time in for traffic. image

The end result, was me not being able to load my luggage onto the plane even though I wasn’t late to the plane departure. That lead to tears and frustration & realization that I wouldn’t be in Spain in 8 hours. Yeah I was highly upset, but I kept telling myself everything happens for a reason and I will be alright (:!! I ain’t got no worries.

Then, came attempt #2 to leave America. Which involved rescheduling of the flights & emailing and Facebook messaging people in Madrid informing them that I would be a whole day late. The flight I booked was suppose to leave a day late! So my family stayed in Dulles for the night. When we finally arrived at the airport there were issues with boarding the flight. It took us 3 hours to get in contact with people. Probably the worst two days of my life!!

Finally, attempt to leave America #3— We finally received a call from the agent telling my dad that I had a flight but it was going to cost extra money. We took it and we are so relieved! Thank you baby Jesus! I said my goodbyes!

When I finally got to the gate I realized that I lost my Camelbak… So I bought a $3 bottle of water— ridiculous right?! The glorious 8 hour flight from America to Paris was not that bad. I had a middle seat and the old woman in the aisle seat slept for 98% of the ride! Literally, she was awake for dinner and breakfast! And the guy to my right was going on a trip to Rome and Greece with 40 other people!!! He was cool and we talked a lot. The food choices were great (probably because I barely ate breakfast and lunch didn’t exist that day), which reminded me of the military food bags my dad brought home one time haha. I actually had no idea they were going to provide those meals! And they had these little tablets for everyone. They had the option of watching movies, playing video games, listening to music, etc. and I watched The Hobbit and Pitch Perfect!!! Duh, why wouldn’t I watch Pitch Perfect! When we arrived at the Paris airport I expected to get a glance at the Eiffel Tower… nope only grass and fields! On another note, the international part of the airport ranked so bad! And the dude checking my passport at customs was all noisy in my wallet because I didn’t have money. He gave me one of my very own are-you-kidding-me looks !!! Haha. Also, he made me throw away my over-priced bottle of water because I forgot to empty it … Oh the joy!

Anyways, I somehow found wifi and snapchatted a few people and then I got right on the plan to Madrid. That flight was alright. The only cool thing was the REAL CROISSANTS!!! and a cappuccino!

Oh my word, the real stuff is so good. That croissant was like butter and the cappuccino was not like in America !! Weird! I haven’t figured out my plans for Madrid since I’ll be arriving when the whole group is TOURINGGGGG! I guess I’ll do my own tour… sike I’m about to take this nap/sleep!

Until next time, peace out Girl Scout!! (:

I mean adios!

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