Madrid to Bilbao


Day 1
Oh you’re so pretty! After that glorious nap I went to call a few people but I’m pretty sure the wifi hated me. Lucky enough a girl, Becca, from UMW found me in the hallway and introduced me to some people, because at that point I knew no one. I ended up going to Sol, Madrid with my new friends! There’s this one girl, Karolina, from the University of Northern Illinois and speaks perfect polish and is a pre-med student as well!! And her major is crazier than mine… it’s creative writing!!! Yeah, that was my same reaction!
We had dinner in Sol. Also, there were A LOT of prostitutes on this main street. Like when I say a lot I mean a lot; they were outside every building, that’s crazy!!! Interesting: majority of the people smoke, it’s crazy! Well in Madrid, haven’t seen the rest of the country.
Any who, we went to this bar and they gave us some good appetizers with your drink. Muy bien!
So like in the movies people lived above these stores and stuff. Well they do that here too ! I think that’s so sweet and cool. Can I do that!! They also dry their clothes outside on either a clothesline or on the railing. It reminds me of back on the farm *daydreams*.
Also can I just point out that I know Spanish, and being in Spain makes me feel like I just heard of this language today… The struggle! And I didn’t realize how much water I drink until I was here. Water is scarce and is not free here. Say what! Yeah, like riding on this bus, I would love some water right now. But I love this place!
Day 2
Today we started off with this OK breakfast. Literally, all I ate was fruit and bacon (well their version of bacon). Then we went as a group to the Museo del Prado. It had paintings from many artists within different eras from Europe. The tour was alrighty, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures though :(!!! Womp, womp! Afterwards, we went back to the hotel for lunch and it was even worst than breakfast. I tried some food (I live in a diverse household), this was different! Uhh no thanks. But they served water in a glass bottle and you could only have one!
Then, we loaded up again and headed for a 5hour bus ride to Bilbao to meet our host familias!! The ride was so, so long, but the scenery was muy bella. I tried to sleep but I didn’t want to miss out on any of the amazing scenery; so I just stared out my window. It was great.
We finally arrived in Bilbao!!! It was so beautiful and more green and mountainous!! All the host families were standing with signs and I didn’t see one for me. Once I went outside I still couldn’t find my host mother :(. Then someone tapped me on my shoulder and I turned around and this little Spanish woman had a sign with my name on it!!!!! She gave me a kiss on both checks and was so sweet, but not a lick of english!! I had to use that Spanish faster than I thought!! I was so excited I forgot words and I was like uhh no se! Or que or repeta por favor! Yeah the struggle bus. But her apartment is so pretty and small. They have a dog named Nino and a son that lives here. Like the view from my room is indescribable…. (:

I’m really excited I’m here! I would like to thank my parents and especially my dad for helping me reschedule my flights!! You’re the best pops!

Any who, I have to wake up tomorrow to go visit the univeraidad and tour!!! Ahhh adios amigos! Buenos noches!

Pictures will be posted next !!

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