Three weeks and counting

Yeah, I’ve been in Spain for more than 3 weeks and I leave in less than 2 weeks. That’s so crazy. This place is so beautiful and peaceful. I realized that after I heard protesters gelling something in Spanish about a barrio which is a district of a city. I felt bad for the cafés and stores around it. I am just not feeling a little but homesick, only my mother’s cooking and my family/friends and my dog. It’s not serious, just every now and then I’m craving some good sinegun (Filipino soup) or some adobo (Filipino meal) or even some darn good cornbread!! Where is my mama?!!? On the thee hand, I go to Germany this weekend to visit my brother, Herbbie, and his family!! I haven’t seen them for about 3 years so this will be great! I can’t wait, also because it will deter my homesick feelings! Yay for traveling!!
So an update on classes. Spanish is still difficult, but I’m learning a lot and it’s almost over haha! IB is so interesting! Seriously, we learn about business around the world, hence International business, but it’s in a fun way. Even the teacher is cool. She knows when class gets boring and tries to help us get out of class early. Ahh, please come to Mary Wash and be my teacher for every class! Anyways, we have finals in two Mondays! Yay!

Deusto should seriously come up with a new printing system.  The library is so difficult and you need a flash drive for the photocopy room.  NO ONE TOLD ME TO BRING A FLASH DRIVE… Anyways, good thing I can email from my iPhone; it saves me every time!

Also, I just realized that I have to walk down the side of a mountain in order to go to school and/or walk back home.  It’s about a 5-10 minute walk down/up the mountain.  I mean it could be a hill but it’s so huge so I’m going to call it a mountain! Recently, I’ve decided to climb back up the mountain to get back home instead of wasting money and taking the metro up the hill; it’s a struggle especially when it’s like 80 degrees.  Who has time for that!?  But it’s a good exercise I must say!

I will be gone this weekend, pray for safe travels! Thanks (:

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