So, so far…

..Europe has been so good to me.  I’ve realized that I would not mind living in Europe except I would miss my family and the food in America or at least my mother’s cooking!  Other than that, I love it here and the way things are run, but not that they’re in a crisis!  It’s just so antique and I love that stuff.  The people aren’t vintage but the places show how old the country and town actually is.  That’s cool to see.  Either way, I’m hoping to come back to Europe soon! Or just live here for a few years! Who wants to join me?

I have one more week of classes, then exams Monday and then back to America!  Wahhhh.  Tomorrow, the business group goes to a winery and Thursday we do not have class, so this week will go by fast! 

Today, Brittany and I went to Mr. Wok in the mall, which is a chinese buffet!  Yes, I know why eat chinese in Spain?! Well, I was craving some rice so we went!

Well adiós for now! :)

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