Thanksgiving in England

Last Thursday, I went with and American flatmate of mine to the International Society’s thanksgiving dinner. Since this was my first thanksgiving away from family, it was really nice to be around people and have dinner. Because there are so many American students studying abroad here, I was surprised the number of non-american students at dinner. We were sat at long tables and had the chance to talk to everyone around us. At our table alone we met people from Italy, Guatemala, Singapore, and the Republic of Congo. There’s really nothing not to love about an international society. Before we ate, they gave a short presentation on the history of thanksgiving and the pilgrims and settlers etc. After four courses, everyone got up and played a charades game which was hysterical only to the italian girls next to me who’d had four glasses of wine. It was still fun though and after we ate pie and cupcakes and chocolates until we were ready to roll out. The best part of the night was eating food that was so familiar. It sounds weird, but when none of the food around you is familiar it’s really nice to eat something you’re used to. The next exciting food-related cultural and holiday event is on Wednesday when GlobaLinks is going to an English Carvery. Then on Friday for the formal Christmas dinner in Owens Park. So much to eat, so little time.

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