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Black 기분

Friday, May 18th, 2012


This week. This week.

My 기분 has been weird all week, and throughout the day as my thoughts continue to brew in my head, they just get darker and darker, and more bitter. Nothing tremendously bad happened, but it’s a black 기분 day, and it doesn’t take a lot on these types of days to make me upset.

The day started with an uneasy feeling, and I accidentally prepared the wrong lesson for one of my classes. I managed to realize and correct my mistake before the students noticed, but it still threw me off balance. I then went to teach my favorite class (2.5) and at the end of class I heard that for Sports Day they had given the German teacher a class jersey to wear. Now. The German teacher and I have a strange relationship, one I’ve been meaning to blog about, but suffice to say I’m not pleased. They then asked me which class’s jersey I was going to wear. No one’s, that’s who. They then looked kind of guilty, and told me that next year they’d give me a jersey, and I told them that next year I wouldn’t be their teacher. I didn’t mean to guilt trip them, that wasn’t my intention at all – I was just stating a fact. However, it’s always been a dream of mine to get a Sports Day jersey, and I’m 0 for 2. It doesn’t help that the German teacher’s been at CP for half the time I have.

Then I went onto 2.10 who after a week full of teaching never really stick out in my mind. They’re one of the classes that if you ask me to describe them, I just can’t really think of anything to say. Terrible, I know, but when you teach 24 individual classes sometimes the details blur. They were just the icing on my terrible cake-of-a-week. Not super bad in and of themselves, but fidgety, consistently talking, and sleeping. There was a quartet in the back that were especially bad – while what they were doing was perhaps no worse than any of the other students’ actions, they weren’t attempting to hide their actions.

Don’t worry, I’m not going all third Spiderman movie on you (see, I can still make jokes. The true tragedy in that movie is that Peter Parker takes himself too seriously), plenty of good has happened today as well. I just need to accept this black 기분 for a little longer, and then let it disperse.