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Em in Asia! 2011-06-03 01:15:50

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

I taught class 1.2 today (1st grade, 2nd class). Their homeroom is right next to 1.1, which is one of my notoriously troublesome Thursday classes. One of the 1.1 students (one of the more popular students, who also happens to be one of the chronic Korean chatters) from 1.1 stopped me on the way to class to speak English(!).

“Teach our class today?”
“No, sorry, I am teaching 1.2 now.”
“No! Come teach our class!”
“I taught you yesterday!”
he then grabbed my hand and whined “nooooo I want your class,” and then pouted when I walked into the other class room.

Hah. Take that, student. You may say you hate English and that 영어 잘 못해~~ 아이구!  but I guess when faced with math, or whatever subject you were about to learn, even English is better.