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This morning I…

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Rushed to put files on my flashdrive, but due to my computer deciding to run a surprise virus scan without prompting, I had to restart my computer three times because it kept freezing and

After twenty minutes of trying managed to put what I thought was files for the 2nd grade pronunciation lesson on the flashdrive before

Heading to class 2.8 to find out that the computer was MISSING. I

Find this out by having students wait until I lean down to plug in my flashdrive, then look back up in shock as they yell out


Taught an emergency lesson of Bowls of Nouns instead before

Rushing back to the office to turn on my computer and write my teacher reflections before my office computer doesn’t work and it’s time to

Go to my 2nd period class (1.1) to teach my 1st grade pronunciation lesson and in the middle of class I

Get a nosebleed and have to run out and hang out in the faculty bathroom for a bit before coming back in and then

After class still don’t have time to reflect because the computer is being crappy and it’s time for

3rd period and 2nd grade boys again and this time the computer is there but

The files that I had put on my flashdrive weren’t, so I taught my lesson

Without powerpoint.

I get a two period break and then I teach one more class of first grade boys. If one more thing goes wrong today, I might just punch my office computer which has finally decided to work.

Goodbyes Part 4: Thursday

Friday, July 15th, 2011

I wasn’t able to write this yesterday because it was a busy day at school. First, second, and fourth period I had class, during third period I observed an open class, during fifth period I helped a student with his American student visa interview, and then during sixth period I cleaned my desk. Then I got home, and my keyboard is currently messed up, and I can’t type the letters “g” or “h,” I can’t type apostrophes, and I can’t use the backspace. At first I didn’t think this would be a problem, because how common are “g” and “h” really? However, if you look at my blog’s subject matter, which is teaching English at Sapgyo High school you realize it gets really annoying really quickly.

Thursdays are always my difficult days. I teach 1.6 (1st grade, very low level – computer track class, co-ed, approximately 25 students) 1st period, and they’re absolutely impossible to deal with. They are single handedly my worst class, and the only class I absolutely dread. However you’d be amazed at what “this is Emily’s last class” will do, and I received a nice surprise when I walked into class and they had written “Emily say goodbye?” on the board and attempted to be somewhat well-behaved.

Class 1.1 (1st grade, very low level, all boys, approximately 30 students) disappointed me. They are normally difficult to deal with as well, but for the most part their hearts are in the right places. Out of all of my classes they probably have the lowest level English, and they’re also incredibly hyper, which is a horrible combination. On Thursday they were very sleepy and tired and not engaged, so I had my co-teacher help me tell them that I know firsthand that it’s difficult studying a foreign language, but they’ll never improve if they sleep, or talk. They need to listen and participate.

I then taught class 1.5 (1st grade, advanced, co-ed, approximately 30 students), which ended up being a pretty normal class. They are a bunch of very bright, good at English first-graders, but I feel that I didn’t have enough time to get to know them.

Em in Asia! 2011-06-15 21:59:46

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Apparently the new cool thing to do at Sapgyo High School is to go find a rock and craftily put it in your hand so that your friend can barely see it and so he thinks that it’s 떡 (rice cake). You give the 떡 to your friend who then tries to eat it, but then realizes it’s a rock when he nearly breaks his teeth.


Em in Asia! 2011-06-03 01:15:50

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

I taught class 1.2 today (1st grade, 2nd class). Their homeroom is right next to 1.1, which is one of my notoriously troublesome Thursday classes. One of the 1.1 students (one of the more popular students, who also happens to be one of the chronic Korean chatters) from 1.1 stopped me on the way to class to speak English(!).

“Teach our class today?”
“No, sorry, I am teaching 1.2 now.”
“No! Come teach our class!”
“I taught you yesterday!”
he then grabbed my hand and whined “nooooo I want your class,” and then pouted when I walked into the other class room.

Hah. Take that, student. You may say you hate English and that 영어 잘 못해~~ 아이구!  but I guess when faced with math, or whatever subject you were about to learn, even English is better.


Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Due to my weird schedule and classes being cancelled, though I’ve been teaching for 2 1/2 weeks I finally taught the 1.1 students (all male, freshmen, super-rowdy, low-level) for the first time. However, I think that they’ve been talking to the other classes about me, because when I asked them what my name was, there were many guesses, a few of which were actually pretty close, but then as one collective mind they all decided on an answer.

Apparently they think that my name is “Animal.”

Signing out,
Animal Teacher