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Let’s be real, we all know that if this were the Hunger Games, Jeollanamdo would be district 11

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Class 1.7 is probably my worst-behaved, craziest boys class, but one of my funniest. After class a student told me he was reading Catching Fire (the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy). We chatted for a bit about that and drew a crowd. The students had seen the first Hunger Games movie and, hearing that I thought the second book was really sad, wanted to know if Katniss died.

did Katniss die? DID SHE DIE?
Guys. It’s the second book. There are three books. What do you think? – …KATNISS DIE!
If Katniss died, then who would the third book be about?
Peeta? Oh yes. Katniss die.

Then as I walked out the door, one of my favorite students put three fingers (index, middle, ring) to his lips, and put them in the air – the District 12 symbol of respect.


Monday, September 19th, 2011

Sometimes I miss Sapgyo – I miss the inherent craziness. Here students are more likely to talk to me as the general English level is higher, but it’s less likely that there’s any sort of real content. They’re just kind of using me as a bumper – which of course I don’t mind, honestly, it’s kind of my job, but I do miss that bond. I’d like to think that it’ll just take time, but I also honestly think that was part of the personality at Sapgyo, because from talking to my other foreign teacher friends they never had quite the same experience. However there’s a student at my school who actually seems like he’d be a better fit at Sapgyo than at Changpyeong, and I feel like I can sum up why just by saying this – the first time I met him he ran into another classroom and shouted “Call me Khan!” then made like, “remember me” hand motions and ran out. Totally Sapgyo-esque. I’ll even clarify this further – I don’t give out American names nor do I have my students pick their own names…I try to learn and call them by their real names. Nevertheless when I finally taught his class, I get to see “KHAN” written on his table tent in giant letters, followed by his Korean name in much smaller letters.

Today I taught the passive tense to class 1.7. This was the first time I was trying out this lesson, and I was trying it with the lowest level first grade class. Needless to say it was difficult. I rarely do lessons based around tech (movies, powerpoints, etc) because I like to have a backup plan if they fail. Well of course the day I show a movie clip (Ratatouille – and because I don’t want to take the credit for something amazing that I didn’t come up with, I got the idea from this awesome site) I find out the sound doesn’t work. I resolve to show the clip anyway, as students are answering questions based on the events they see, not the dialogue, but of course Khan steps in to save the day.

OHTEACHER ILOVEMOVIE. (I swear when he talks he half screams, and then like, waves his hands a lot. Kinda like – OH HEY. LOOK AT ME. I’MTHEONEGIVINGTHEANSWER. Yup. Got it. Thanks Khan).

and then he starts narrating.

“do do do do do. I’m walking. Oh hey guys. Oh no! scree ahhhh BOOM. JumpJumpJump!! Huh. Schuschuschuschu-”

Pretty much made my day.