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Em in Asia! 2012-06-22 00:42:45

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Fistbump kid is becoming more of a gentleman everyday. Today before class he waited for me in the hallway and then opened the door for me. As I walked in, he bowed. I don’t mean a Korean style bow, but a western artistocratic-style bow. There was also no fistbump. Kind of strange…


I’m tired of the students in my club class refusing to talk to each other, so borrowed ideas from Sam and Dan and did a 2 hour long team building and game playing unit, which included a noun-adjective matching game, a scavenger hunt, and a word mix and match. One of the things for a scavenger hunt was that students had to make an acrostic poem of my name. This is what I got.

Orange candy

Of course this is after I clarified that the words in the acrostic, while they did not have to relate to each other and form a sentence, had to relate to the subject at hand. The original draft started

Orange candy