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Final Week of Prep Course!

Monday, April 21st, 2014

The second week of April was our third and final week of the preparatory course and meetings. During that week, Lourdes and Laura both were in Italy visiting their former roommate Fede, so I had the whole flat to myself. 

On Monday, we had a meeting about understanding and learning about all of the cultures here at University. We talked about German stereotypes and what “culture” means to us. Everyone immediately considered punctuality as the main German stereotype. We eventually finished the meeting and went our separate ways to eat lunch. Since it was a girl’s birthday in our exchange group, we went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant “Roma” that evening. There was a total of 17 people who showed up to celebrate Jill’s birthday. It was nice to see how close each of us had actually become. The service at the restaurant was wonderful, for the server gave us all a free round of drinks and dessert. Because I had been cooking pasta as my main meal for the last three weeks, I decided to order pizza. It was fairly cheap and decent, and I had enough leftovers to eat it for both lunch and dinner the next day. I tried Jill’s gnocchi, and while it was good, I didn’t think that it was the best I’ve ever had. All-in-all, it was a really good night, and it was really nice to be able to bond with so many of my classmates. 

On Wednesday, we were supposed to meet to get a visa, but the appointment time was changed to April 30th. Therefore, I got to sleep in a little bit and just spend my day participating in the prep course. 

Valentin, an exchange student from Argentina, had a birthday as well, so we all met after class and had a picnic. He made us traditional Argentinian tea, Mate, and we played charades.

Afterwards, Nora and I went back to my dorm in Plauener Weg and talked for three hours before she went back to eat dinner. During that time, an exchange student from Russia, Dima, came over and asked to borrow sugar and butter so that he could make pancakes. When he brought back my supplies, he brought me a few of the pancakes he made, so I had breakfast for the next day. They were really good, but I found them more like crepes than what I would consider a pancake. 

It got hard for me that week to motivate myself to cook since it was only me. I also found myself doing dishes less since I didn’t have anyone depending on me keep them clean. I missed my roommates even though I had only been away from them for a few days. I missed talking to Lourdes about my, usually uneventful, day.

That week really showed how close the exchange students have grown as a group and how great the semester will be with all of us together. It also gave me a chance to spend more time with them since I got lonely without my roommates.