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We don’t have a party

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Today with twenty minutes left in class I gave 2.10 some independent study time because they have their midterms next week. As they silently studied, the minutes ticked away, and I worked on my Korean journal. With ten minutes left to go, I hear a whisper from the middle of the room.

“Teacher. In America, do students study like this? Do they have a party?” He paused, shook his head, and sadly whispered “We don’t have a party…”

At this point the entire class bursts out laughing.

I then closed my journal, and explained my general high school life, that I went to school from 7:25 until 2:15 (cue sighs of envy) but then after school I did band, and I had a part-time job. I mentioned that while I studied significantly less, I also had a lot of other activities I was doing, and I was in the higher-level classes. I also explained how in college I would study a lot, and had a study schedule similar to theirs and a part-time job. Surprisingly at this point, I had the entire attention of the class - more so than during the review game we had played earlier.

“Teacher, in high school… boyfriend? Did you have?”

I explained that I had had two boyfriends and gave their names (by the way if either of you are reading this, then they think that your names are cool – especially my first boyfriend’s last name).

“Teacher, in college did you have a boyfriend?”

I explained that in college I had had two more boyfriends (no names given this time).

“Teacher, now, do you have a boyfriend?”
“You liar.”
“Look at my fingers, guys, no boyfriend.”
“That is bad.”
“WHAT? Why is it bad?”
“You should get married. If you are married, then your parents will not worry.”
“Hah, no, I’m too young to marry.”


“TEACHERRRRRR – How old are you?”
“… That’s still a secret.”