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Winter Break Hiatus

Monday, December 24th, 2012

My winter break started on Friday, and will end on March first. Though originally it looked like it would be a fairly laid back vacation, it seems I’ll be pretty busy after all.

Now until January 1st: Staying with my friend Dianna in Cheonan/traveling with Dianna
January 2nd – 3rd: Visiting my homestay family
January 3rd – 4th: Visiting Sam
January 4th – 7th: Going back to and resting in CP
January 7th: Graduate school application due
January 7th – 11th: Teaching a winter camp at CPHS
January 11th – 20th: Studying Korean independently
January 20th: Korean language proficiency test
January 21st – 30th: Traveling to Japan with Sam and Dan
January 31st: Korean level test at Ganada institute
February 1st – February 28th: Korean language classes at Ganada in Seoul

Historically, I haven’t been very good at updating my blog during winter break (no classes, so there’s just less to blog about), so I honestly can’t say if you’ll hear from me on here until March. Since this is the last winter I’ll be in Korea, at least for a few years, I’m trying to make it The Winter of Korean and study Korean as intensely as possible, which means reducing my exposure to English. I’ll try my hardest to update once in awhile. Happy holidays!

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