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Another Lazy Friday

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

I had two midterms on Wednesday. Yes I have school work some of the time! I would just like to say that my global econ professor is a CRAZY man. Class time is spent on off-topic rants about his chocolate lab and Aerolineas Argentinas. He is hands down the most unapologetically biased professor I have ever had. And I know how biased some of you think all my professors are! He confirms my suspicion of the Argentine belief that opinions should be accepted as facts. This idea has come up over and over again and always makes me laugh. I don’t have a good example now though but will try and remember them. I think most of my notes from now will be quotes of him saying ridiculous things so get ready for that! Anyway, my grade is a crapshot really. He’s kind of brilliant and told us not to write anything stupid. Vamos a ver.

A few weeks ago I bought a very expensive Eat, Pray, Love book in English. I read 100 pages that night, probably because it was so nice to have an easy English read. And because it’s really good. I’m actually not finished yet somehow but I recommend it. I will probably get back to that this evening or El Principito because I need the Spanish. Also have Los Secretos de Sus Ojos (Argentine film which just won the Best Foreign Film Oscar), which I haven’t seen yet; and Valentín (Argentine film we watched in class), which I recommend.

It’s cold here now but has been indecisive the past week. I just noticed some leaves that changed yesterday! I guess it’s fall although I’m trying to fight it. The Argentines think it’s a lot colder than it is. Maria doesn’t let me leave the house without a sweater.