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Paddling It In

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Waking up the next day every muscle in my arms and back ached. All the pointy edges on the front of my body (of which there are many) were especially sore from all the jumping onto the surf board I had done the day before. My hip bones were especially achey, which is odd because I didn’t realize I could have achey hip bones. The edges of the palms of my hand were also irritated from rubbing against the surf board. I wanted to sleep all day. I had absolutely no desire to get back into my wetsuit which was still damp and cold from the day before, and go back out into the water, and yet that is what I forced myself to do. After breakfast we all headed back out to Big Hill. Thankfully this time around the waves were a bit smaller and the rip was not pulling quite as hard. After about 45 minutes of toughing it out and catching a few waves I threw in the towel. I was so worn out from the day before and I did not have the energy to fight the waves for a full two hours. There were a bunch of people that were feeling the same way, and so about halfway through the two hours over half the group had called it quits and were hanging out on the beach. It felt heavenly to lay down in the sand and let the sun dry and warm my poor sore self. Once the lesson was over we loaded up the surf boards and headed back to camp for lunch and to pack up for the drive back to Sydney.

The five hour drive back into the city was fairly quiet as everyone pretty much passed out. I tried to sleep but the seats on the bus didnt recline and I don’t do well sleeping in a sitting position so I just put on my ipod and enjoyed the scenery as it passed by. Since most of the drive was through the countryside every so often we passed a sign that looked like this

Koala crossing!

I thought these were too cool. I am so used to deer crossing signs that these completely caught my brain off guard. After we saw the first one it became my goal to try and spot a koala, but sadly I did not. Apparently they are very hard to spot and generally shy away from areas where there is noise, i.e. near a major road. O well. Once we got back to Sydney it was dark and raining slightly. We were dropped off at the Wake Up Hostel where we had been picked up, and the guy who had been driving the bus who was also one of the surf instructors from the weekend asked us if we would want to get a free drink in the hostel bar compliments of Mojo. What kind of question is that? Of course we would! Free is my favorite price! A few people had to leave to get home, but most of us ended up sitting in the bar underneath the hostel sipping our free drinks, and they even brought up two huge platters of french fries and some pizzas, all compliments of Mojo. After chatting, stuffing my face, and hanging out for a bit I said my goodbyes and walked the 20 minutes back to my apartment. Once there I put away my things, showered and went promptly to bed. I needed another weekend to recover from that weekend.

Mojo Rules!

Mojo surf crew, again, my apologies for the watermark. I am the third person from the left with sunglasses on.