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More and More Plays!

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Last week I saw two more plays! The first one was for my London Theatre in Performance class and it was called One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show. 

The theatre was really small and intimate. Every week we’ve been going to a different type of theatre. The first week we went to a commercial theatre (where I saw Woman in Black), the next week we went to a fully subsidized theatre (where I saw Metamorphosis), then I saw this play at a partially subsidized theatre. This week I’m going to be going to a fringe theatre in my local area!! It is so interesting. This theatre (shown above) did not have allocated seats, so you just bought your ticket and showed up early enough to get a good seat, which we did! 🙂 The show was really good; it was a comedy about a black middle-class family living in London and how they deal with social and class differences when fronted with them. It was a lot like the Cosby Show. 

The second play that I saw last week was Billy Elliot!!

I saw it as apart of the Social Programme that I’m enrolled in here. It is a very commercial play so it was over in the West End in it’s own big decorated theatre. Very different from the shows I’ve been seeing for class. When we got there we were handed our tickets and went in…we had really good seats, I was surprised! The show was kind of long (about 3 hours) but Oh My Gosh I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it! It was probably one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. The young boy who was playing Billy Elliot was from Salt Lake City and had been in 50+ shows on Broadway but it was his premier in London and his mom was there..he was amazing! He got about three or four encores! I do not understand how at 13 you can do a perfect british accent, act, sing and dance…I just don’t get it haha. 

ALSO! Before the show, my flatmate and I went to this little burger place she had heard of that’s on a back street by Bond Street. It’s called P&B (Patty and Bun) and we got there JUST in time because we got one of the last tables before a LONG wait formed…it’s definitely well known amoung the locals and VERY small..only seats about 50 people. YUMO!