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Hey lovely people! Bilbao has been treating me well.  Yes, classes are getting better as we speak….

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Hey lovely people! Bilbao has been treating me well.  Yes, classes are getting better as we speak.  The Spanish 4A (there’s a B class) class is tougher than I thought, but pray for me because the woman talks faster than what I’m use to.  Sorry if I am reiterating this, but there is a guy in my class that speaks French, Spanish, English, German and Arabic… tell me again how I got into this class. Well, he’s not the only one.  There are about 4 other people who are bilingual and are learning spanish as their 3rd language.  Also, it doesn’t help that my host family congregates in the living room and we don’t have dinner together because there isn’t a place to eat meals together.  That’s part of the experience I guess!?  I try to speak to them often, but I feel secluded in my room.  But it hasn’t been a whole week yet either! On the other hand, María complimented me this morning and packed me a lunch for the siesta! (:  And I discovered these beauties during lunch today.  America or UMW needs to step it up. It makes you coffee for like €0,60 (or not even $1) and gives you a good size.  The other machine has sandwiches and some other good options!  Why go out to eat when you can buy a while siesta here?! image


This International Business class is getting really interesting.  Since I am the only person that is not majoring or minoring in business, everything they say is so interesting about how globalization effects people.  It’s just different than what I’ve been learning with math and science.  So I enjoy that aspect of class.

Then, I was walking down the hallway with Brittany and I saw this man that looked so familiar and realized it was Dr. Jose Sainz (the program director for study abroad to spanish speaking countries I believe, I could be wrong?!)  !!!! I didn’t know what was going on but I was so excited to see him.  I gave him a hug and we talked for a solid 10 minutes.  He was saying that he thought about me when he was at the airport because they were about to miss their flight to Bilbao but they made it in time.  But we will have a UMW meeting tomorrow.  He is just a great person and I was so ecstatic to see him. Haha that was a great and happy moment!

Shopping again?! Psshhh yes, we (Brittany and I) went shopping in Moyua!  They had so many sales.  I think I might be broke by the time I get home?! Yeah, ehh WHEN IN SPAIN…  !

Yesterday, I meet this girl from Norway, Ida, and I asked her if she was with a group like CIDE or something at Deusto. She say she found this program online and doesn’t know much spanish but is in Spanish 3.  She knows the basics like hola and adios.  The point is, I saw her today and we had coffee at Café & Té (which is an awesome place to chat and/or do homework!) after class. While in this coffee shop, I talked to Erin B!!!  We were planning our trip to Rome (:  YAY!

Ciao for now! ("bye" in Italian)!

Words to live by: “There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign." — Robert Louis Stevenson

Song of the day: Love and Happiness by Al Green

Don’t worry be happy!

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

My motto for the month!
Last night Karolina and I went to Sopelana: an all night (literally from like 8pm to 10am) street party. There were about 7 or 8 different DJ or music groups performing and plenty of fireworks with people selling stuff on the streets. And around every corner you saw a group of people either drinking Calemocho (coke and wine) by the liter or smoking whatever( you fill in the blank)!! I’ve never seen anything like this in America. There were just so many people out the ying yang. Street after street of people and not like 10 people but like 100s per street. It was crowded but amazing. Apparently, this happens every weekend at different stops on the metro! thats crazy and thats a lot of money being spent drinking and smoking! But I guess it’s their culture? Ehhh let’s pull that card?! Anyways, I’m glad to say I’ve experienced that haha.
Could you even imagine that happening in America? We would all die of overuse or something, because we wouldn’t be able to handle ourselves. We just could not be civilized at all! Think about it: A party 3 days a week every week for like 12 hours a day during the summer too.. Right!

This morning, I woke up around noon and I didn’t see my host mom so I ate some corn flakes, a strawberry yogurt and two cookies — breakfast of a champion. Anyways, I went back to my room to journal and the next things I knew my host mom, María, made me pasta salad with turkey and chicken, fish (not that good but I tried it) with sauce and a piece of baguette. It was such a great siesta. I was surprised, mainly because she was gone all weekend and I didn’t notice that she was in the house! But now I’m going to a café con Karolina and read!
Adiós personas!

Wednesday Is The New Thursday

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

It’s been awhile since I wrote about anything interesting…I haven’t done anything remarkable lately. Besides sleep for 13 hours. (Okay, this was partially allergy medicine induced,  leave me alone.)

All this sleep is unfortunate considering what a wonderful city I am in! I should be doing tons of things! I feel guilty about that. I suppose I am in sort of  a rut. I haven’t been sleeping normally or feeling well the past week and I hope to change that soon. Class has been boringggg.

I am also stressing out over nothing. I think recent graduation pictures might be to blame? Am I really next? Wait a second, I should have changed my major(s) 4 semesters ago! Yes, I have been thinking about education again. Which would add 2 more years. Whoops. Maybe I stayed with Business and International Affairs (which I would have had to have one of anyway) because I feel like I can do anything with them. Not anything, but they are both so broad and unbinding. If I ended up with a Masters from UMW…I’d actually be a teacher, the end. And that’s scary. (I realize I am never stuck in any profession…but still.)

Scratch that. I wrote that last night. I think I definitely maybe want my MLS now.

Why am I not talking about Buenos Aires?

I went to El Ateneo Grand Splendid today:

I’ve been there quite a few times now and like going. Even though it’s kinda far and I came home in a very very crowded Subte which is never fun. Anyway, I feel sick so maybe I will watch a movie and go to sleep.