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Liveaboard Diving Trip

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

For my birthday present from my parents, I asked if they would pay for me to go on a liveaboard diving trip over Easter weekend.  My trip ended up being for 2 days 1 night.  I did six dives, including a night dive, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Room number 16 on the liveaboard boat! The room I shared with another girl, Jane, who also happened to be from America. :)

Our cute beds!

The view next to my bed.

The sunrise at 6AM outside my window. :)

The front of the tshirt I purchased.

The back of the shirt. So adorable! :)

I enjoyed all of the dives.  They were throughout the two days, so different sea creatures were active at different times.  On my last dive, I swam next to a sea turtle and he kept looking at me suspiciously.  So cute!  The night dive was particularly exciting.  I had never done one before so it was an entirely new experience.  We all sat underwater near the front of the boat while the crew threw over some meat scraps to feed some white tip reef sharks.  It was awesome but scary at the same time because I could only see as much as my flashlight would let me!

The biggest problem is that I now have an outer ear infection. :(  Some water must have been leftover in my right ear after my dives.  It’s such a horrible pain, and right before my birthday, too!

I hope it goes away soon.

Study Break

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

This past week, I was on study break.

I decided to spend my time by travelling to Airlie Beach with my friend Jess.  Airlie is over 8 hours south from Cairns.  The drive was extremely long, but enjoyable.  We only had 4 CDs to listen to the whole time, but we made do with what we had. :)

As we drove further south, we started to really see the worst of the damage from cyclone Yasi.  In Cardwell, so many houses were just completely missing their roofs and had only tarp over top, or nothing at all!  Places where there should have been grass was just dirt and sand.  It was really depressing and I felt sorry for the people who had lost their homes and belongings.

Trees blown over near Cardwell.

Damaged beach in Cardwell.

One of the many damaged houses in Cardwell.

Airlie Beach was definitely a good time.  A lot of adventures and a lot of new friends!!

Bonfire at a friend's house on friday night.

Airlie Beach at sunset.

Airlie's harbor.

The water was so amazingly pretty!

I plan on going on a 2day livaboard dive trip this weekend. :)   It should be an amazing time, and I am really excited.  You can bet to hear some stories!!

Edit:  I forgot to mention that while in Airlie, I experienced a 5.4 earthquake!!!  It wasn’t too bad at all, but I was definitely a little confused as to what it was.  The Pacific ocean is freaking out!

Cairn Highlands & Crocodile Farm Tour

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Today, I took another fun trip through the uni to play around in Cairns! :)

Lake Eacham! This beautiful freshwater swimming hole is located on top of a volcano. The water was actually pretty warm! :D

The curtain fig tree! This tree literally drags to the ground and kills each tree it is spread on to, via bird droppings. This one is absolutely massive and on to its third tree.

In front of the Milla Milla waterfall. In the highlands, there is almost zero humidity. Add rain and wind, and it was absolutely freezing! We braved the cold and swam up and under the falls anyway. :)

I conqured that waterfall! And shouted obnoxiously and waved my hands while doing so.


A carpet python. I was actually a lot more excited than I look...


Just petting a dingo, no big deal. :)

I had a really amazing day!  Even if it was raining the whole time.  I’m getting pretty used to all of this rain…