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First Uni Week

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Well, the first week of Uni has officially come to an end!  It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon and I’m about to settle down and prepare some homework for the coming week.

The classes are extremely different from UMW.  Having class only once a week feels very strange, not to mention the fact that each class has a total of 3-4 assignments (final exams work 50%) that make up the ENTIRE GRADE.  It’s therefore probably very difficult to get a good grade. :/

The internet situation at the Student Lodge is getting to be ridiculous.  I’ve been unable to access this blog all week because the internet would just time out.  I will probably have to end up walking to the library on campus every time I need to actually do some work because literally nothing will nicely load here. -___-  How frustrating.

The slow internet prevents me from easily sending e-mail, loading websites, and even videochatting with my parents.  Remind me why I am paying for the internet access?  Ugh.

It wouldn’t be nearly so frustrating if 100% of my school material wasn’t posted online and I can only access it via the internet.  They better fix this crap soon. D:<

Palm Cove

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

My roomie Lauren and I went on our first beach trip today!  We decided to go to Palm Cove, the farthest beach on the bus route, because the closest beach apparently had some stray stingers inside the swimming nets yesterday. =X  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  I am living in paradise.

Lauren and myself.

A super cute 'roo figurine thing.





Thursday, February 17th, 2011

I saw a wallaby on campus today.

I think that only further reinforces my decision to go here.  It made me so happy; he was so cute!

Orientation Day 1

Monday, February 14th, 2011


Soooo much information was thrown at me today.  I think my folder is about to explode from all the extra paperwork.  They do so many adventurous things here, though!  Tons of weekend trips and whatnot.  I plan on getting the absolute most out of my stay. :)

The highlight of today was definitely when I got to pet a baby freshwater crocodile.  SO.  CUTE.  And also one of the weirdest feelings.  I also got to pet a giant constrictor snake, who kept putting her tongue right up next to my face.  I guess I smelled interesting, haha.  Unfortunately, I am an idiot and forgot my camera today.  Fortunately, a woman taking pictures for the wildlife crew told me she would post the pictures online so I could see them. :)

Now I’m going to go get ready to have dinner at Jess’ house with her family and one of her friends, Adam.  Happy Valentine’s day!


Sunday, February 13th, 2011

My first roommate finally moved in today!  Yay for not being alone. :)   Lauren is from a small town in the Northern Territory that is semi-close to Darwin.  I can’t quite remember the name of the town… she said it’s really tiny, haha.  She’s studying law at JCU and she seems like a generally awesome girl.  We went to the orientation week kick off thing tonight and then got pizza from Domino’s afterward.  I’m excited to be living with someone so sweet and light-hearted.  I wonder when/if we’re getting our other roommate?

There and Back Again 2011-02-11 05:22:43

Friday, February 11th, 2011

I really love the new friends I am making. :)


Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

This morning, before it got too hot, I walked to campus to check in with the International Students office.  Unfortunately, the power was out, so most of the buildings (the bookstore, cafe, etc.) were closed. :(   Luckily the international office was not closed, so I could get all of my orientation paperwork and whatnot.  Still being stuck in tourist-mode, I took some pictures. :)

The underpass that connects the Student Lodge to campus!

The cool creek that the walkway to the underpass goes overtop of and next to.

Building A2. The Science & Engineering Building, i.e. where I will be spending all of my time.

There's this really nice creek that runs throughout campus. Momma, you would love it. You can hear the sound of running water almost everywhere.

Umm, how cool is this?!?

The library.

I have no idea what he is, but he is so cute.

He came out of nowhere when I was walking back through the underpass. Scared the crap out of me.


Monday, February 7th, 2011

The front entrance, wooo!

This little guy somehow got himself into my apartment!! What a little sneak. >:o I tried to shoo him out the door and back to the wild outdoors, but he preferred to hide behind the fridge. :|

The Apartment!

Monday, February 7th, 2011

I finally got around to taking some pictures of the apartment.  The communal areas are still kind of bare, but I didn’t want to add anything until my other roomies got here. :)

The microwave/fridge by the front door.

The communal area.

Sink! Woohoo! Toilet to the left and shower to the right. (And obviously me in the mirror, haha.)

The huge shower.



My bed and the beginnings of my decorations, haha.

Closet & corner space in which I have currently stowed my clothes hamper & drying rack.

MUH WORK SPACE. i.e. my desk and tonssss of random crap that I haven't figured out where to put yet.

It’s been pouring rain off & on all day today so I haven’t had the chance to take photos of the outside areas yet.  But I will as soon as the weather clears up!


Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Late last night I videochatted with my family; it was late morning for them!

It was cute to see them all together, but definitely bizarre to see all of the snow outside the house.  I have forgotten what snow even feels like, amongst this extreme humidity and heat, hahah.

Videochatting rules.  I love technology.