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The First of the Last (Classes)

Monday, December 10th, 2012

This time of year’s always difficult, and it makes me glad that though I’m disorganized in every other aspect of my life, I’m intensely organized when it comes to my class schedule. If I hadn’t been, as there’s two weeks left in the semester, I wouldn’t have realized that this is my last week with most of my second grade classes and I wouldn’t have planned accordingly.

While I will be at CPHS for another 6 months, I won’t teach the second graders anymore. The Korean semester starts in March and ends in December, which means that the F*bright foreign teachers always start and leave halfway through the academic year. While I’m grateful my schedule is the way it is as it allowed me to go straight from university to Korea without a multi-month delay, it can be annoying. The students will graduate and move up a grade, which means that while I have a new incoming batch of first graders to teach, I lose my second graders because they become third graders, high school seniors, and focus on the college entrance exam. It’s sad all around.

For the second graders I did a lesson on yearbooks. Thanks to my lovely parents (<3) I was able to get scanned photos from my high school yearbook and bring in a CPHS yearbook and compare and contrast them.

Senior year picture. The students say that I look younger now. Can you find me? Hint – top left.

We then went over yearbook signing traditions (in Korea there’s a similar thing called “rolling paper,” but that’s separate from yearbooks. The yearbooks are only for graduating seniors) and I taught them some common acronyms like “TTYL,” “LYLAS,” etc. I then had them come up with their own acronyms that they could use to describe their own CP experience. I had made “yearbooks” with their class pictures on B4 paper and printed out one for each student. They then used their own acronyms and the ones that I taught them to sign each other’s “yearbooks.” Here are my favorite acronyms thus far (4/10 classes done):

IS – In Seoul (i.e. after CPHS they’ll all meet in Seoul, where the best universities are)

CID – Chicken in Dormitory

HACKLOT – Have Chicken A Lot

ROC – Rob of Convenience Store (i.e. they buy everything)

WITM – What is Today’s Menu?

DWWU – Don’t Wanna Wake Up

LT – Lunch Terrible

FCTSKY – From CP To SKY (SKY are the three top universities – Seoul, Korea, and Yonsei)

ILSSM – I love 순대 (sunde), 순대 (sunde) loves me (Sunde is a food that CP is famous for… it’s… well, you can look it up.)

TOTE – Turn on the Egg (i.e. the Olleh wifi egg)

LLT – Love Lunch Time

LS3 – Let’s Study/Sing/Sleep

YSC – YS is Coming (YS is Awesome Mr. Kim’s first name, this class’s homeroom teacher)

COW – Chicken Over Wall (The students aren’t allowed to have food delivered, and there’s a fence around school property, so students get chicken delivered to them “over the wall.” Apparently this is a pretty popular phenomenon at most schools, as evidenced by my friend Sam’s more extreme example of rope chicken)

EIS – Everyone in Seoul (similar to IS)

BUIC – Break Up in Christmas

NB – No Boys (remember, this is a super conservative co-ed but gender segregated school)

SOS – Sick of Studying

RTC – Run to Cafeteria

CPH – Chicken Pizza Heungbu (the CP trifecta: Heungbu is the name of our bakery).

These are all from my girls’ classes… I’m excited to see what the boys come up with, but I’m not excited to teach more last classes.


Thursday, October 6th, 2011

So I should be packing because tomorrow I’m leaving straight from school to go to the Busan film festival (heck yes) buuut I hate packing so here goes.


Today a group of students who were all a full head taller than me apparently did not see me because I am too short and ran into me. Literally. I couldn’t dodge because they were taking up the whole hallway. I swear, sometimes I feel like I’m playing chicken in the hallways, especially with the boys who walk in packs.

Also today we had bibimbap for lunch (which is my FAVORITE) and I ate it with great gusto. So much gusto in fact, that when I got back to the office my co-teacher picked a piece of rice out of my hair -_-. No wonder the teacher sitting across the lunch table from me kept staring. The sad thing is, this is not the first time this has happened (though it is the first time this has happened at Changpyeong… to the best of my knowledge).

Final thought for the day – I had my first club class in awhile (due to cancellations) today. To break the ice we played a game called King Kong where you write the name of a famous person/character (dead, alive, or fictional) on a piece of paper then swap papers and then tape someone else’s piece to your forehead. You then have to guess, using yes or no questions who your person is (Am I alive? Am I dead? Am I an entertainer? etc) and if the answer is no your turn is over. Well, many Korean people have trouble spelling famous people’s names because they only know how it’s spelled in the Korean alphabet. Keeping that in mind, one of my students spelled the name of her famous person wrong, which caused a girl to have the word “Poo” taped to her forehead for thirty minutes. Didn’t have the heart to correct her after the girl put it on her head because frankly I didn’t notice, and I didn’t want to have to explain what “Poo” meant as opposed to “Pooh.”