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I belong!

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Well, on the school’s computer network at least.

In most (I hesitate to say “all” because though I’ve never heard of a school without it, who really knows) Korean schools there is something called “Cool Messenger.” It’s on every computer, and works as an inter-school messaging system. Random cancellation? Send out a cool message. 4th and 6th period classes are being switched? Send out a cool message. Need to talk to the 2.7 homeroom teacher about one of your problem students? Send out a cool message. It’s a great tool for spreading information quickly – but it sucks if you can’t understand Korean, or if your computer isn’t hooked up to Cool Messenger.

About a month ago when the computer teacher installed printer software onto my computer he noticed I didn’t have Cool Messenger, and checked up on why. Apparently the foreign-teacher computer has never been hooked up to Cool Messenger because since I’m F*bright and not EPIK, I’m not on the Board of Education’s “Teacher at CP” list and while there’s nothing illegal about me being here, they still don’t want to get into a strange bureaucratic tangle. I accepted that I’d never be cool enough to join Cool Messenger, shed a silent tear, and moved on.

Well, cry no more, foreign teacher! Today after my 2nd period class I came back to my desk and my co-teacher told me that the computer teacher had spent awhile looking into the regulations, and how Cool Messenger works, and because it’s just a inter-school system, there shouldn’t be a problem with putting me on it. So now there’s a little icon that says “Emily” on it that people can message at will! I still haven’t gotten a message, but, it’s nice to know that I could. Potentially. Possibly. Perhaps. Probably not though.