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A Evening for Partying, An Hour for the Earth

Monday, March 28th, 2011

After another saturday morning of sleeping in luxuriously late I awoke to a missed call from Lyndsay, and a voicemail asking if I wanted to head over to the Seymour Center box office to pick up Spring Awakening tickets for this weeks performance. I called her back, showered, dressed and we headed out. On our way out we ran into the lovely ladies form Apt 23 and when they asked us what we were doing we were more than happy to share our plans with them. As luck would have it Glebe is populated with more theatre geeks than I originally thought, and they were not only excited and knowledgeable about Spring Awakening, but asked if they could go to the show with us on Wednesday night. So our party of two became a party of five.

SKETCHY advertisement that we saw walking back from the box office. It totally sounds like this guy is trying to set up some sort of ametur porn studio. "Furnitured"? O yeah, this guy sounds legit. Even I can spell better than that

We walked up to the Seymour Center, with the air thick with the threat of rain. We purchased our student discounted tickets and as we walked back, the apt 23 ladies told us of their plans to have a candlelit dinner that night in honor of Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is an event that was started in 2007 by The World Wide Fund for Nature in conjunction with The Sydney Morning Herald. It is held on the last saturday of March every year, and during this hour it is asked that households and businesses turn off all non-essential lights and appliances for one hour to help raise awareness for climate change and the global energy crisis. The first year it was held 2.2 million Sydney residents participated, and in 2008 other world cities began to take notice and participate as well. While I had never heard of this before coming to Australia its a fairly big deal here. The Australian government even pitches in by shutting off the lights on the opera house and the Sydney Harbor Bridge during this hour. (When I watched the news the following day the newscaster said that due to the participation during this one hour electricity in Sydney had been cut by 12% for the day.)

The ladies of Apt 23 (Alana, Megan and Amanda) invited Lyndsay and I to partake in their earth day feast. Knowing my manners, I refused to accept the invitation without promising to bring something. They had said they were making a pasta dish for dinner, so I decided I would make a tomato bruschetta to go with it, and Lyndsay purchased a box mix cheesecake mix, and together we went in on a bottle of wine to contribute. (We actually caught an estate sale special on wine and we got four bottles for 15 dollars, three white and one red)

Once we got back to the apt Lyndsay and I got to baking and then headed across the hallway to apt 23. Once we arrived we heard that word of our small candlelit pot luck dinner had gotten out, and members of both the boys rooms had gotten in on the action as well. Someone decided that we should all dress up since a candlelight apparently cannot be properly enjoyed without wearing nice clothes. I thought for sure only the girls would be doing this, but much to my surprise the boys were great sports about it and showed up in collared shirts and dress pants.

Box mix cheesecake by Lyndsay, strawberry decoration by me.

She was so proud she had baked something.

Some of the Earth Hour Banquet spread. My very pretty tomato Bruschetta

Alana, Megan, Amanda, little Jordan and Lyndsay

Glebian Ladies! Looking o so pretty. From the left, Lyndsay, me, Yaella, Amanda, Alana, Megan and Rebecca.


After a dinner of mostly carbs and a small salad (provided by me of course) we broke into the heavy liquor and dug into the cheesecake. We sat around chatting and eventually decided that we wanted to go out for the evening.

We actually were eating by candlelight, although the camera flash ruins this effect, but without it, pictures come out blurry like this.

Drinking and dining in the dark

Getting ready to cut the cheesecake!

The whole group

After we had dispersed from dinner Yaella Lyndsay and I decided we wanted to go out, as the night was young and there was dancing to be done. We wanted to go back to retro bar, as our previous attempt at going there had failed and it was supposed to be a pretty happening place. According to the website it had three floors, each featuring music from a different decade. 90′s music on the top floor, 60′s and 70′s on the second floor, and house music on the bottom floor. Alana, Seth and Jordan decided to join us in our pursuit of nighttime entertainments. Before we left we looked it up on the web to make sure it was open, to avoid a repeat of our previous failure and we discovered that they were running a promotion that night where if you wore green you got free admission. Obviously this called for a quick change. Outfitted in our green outfits we flagged a cab, arrived at the club and breezed through the entrance without having to pay the $20 cover charge.

As we were walking into the club some guy yelled at us that St.Patricks day was last week.

Cool chalk wall on the 60's/70's floor. Also- Yaella is doing the YMCA.

Jordan bustin a move

Retro bar specializes in "hen parties" aka bachelorette parties. To distinguish themselves from the rest of the club all the members of the differnet hens parties going on wear matching head bands. We saw antennae, bunny ears, princess crowns and all sorts of random stuff.

Yaella carrying Lindsay back to the apt on her back because Lyndsays feet were killing her from her heels. This is true friendship.

After we had danced ourselves silly we walked back to the apt and collapsed into our respective beds. Another evening in Sydney well spent.