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Pre-Departure Mania

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Well hello followers! This will be a documentation of what promises to be the best time of my life. I’ll be spending a semester in Bath, England, a world heritage city about 2 hours west of London. For everyone that’s ever taken an 18th Century English class, you know Bath was the city the upperclass went to when they wanted to be fashionable and relax from their super-stressful lives in the natural hot springs (named Bath, get it?). I’ll be spending a week in Oxford, a week in Stratford (yes, Bill Shakespeare’s home), and of course lots of adventures in between.

So, I got my passport, my rain gear, and all the bells and                whistles. My new house is a spacious nineteenth-century house with a small patio and a garden. I’ll have  to learn to cook (oy vey), keep warm in subzero temps (goodbye Virginia heat!) and try to NOT smile like a dumb American everytime I hear one of those awesome accents.

The class schedule promises to be entertaining!

1) Ghosts and the Gothic: The Literature of Terror. Includes a trip that tracks Jack the Ripper’s rampage through East London.

2) Myths and Legends of Britain and Ireland. Celtic myths, King Arthur, fairies, giants and all the nerd-tastic stories that might induce a frenzy.

3) Saints, Sinners and Scientists. No course listing for this one, funny enough….hmmm ideas?

4) Fantasies of Youth: The Child in Twentieth-Century Children’s and Young Adult Literature. J.M. Barrie, J.K. Rowling…and sigh, yes even Stephanie Meyer (ew.)

So there you have it. I’m sure there will be times when I miss the VA heat, my crappy reality shows and good old fashioned American burgers. I’ll try to pimp Willie Faulkner as best as I can amongst the Brits. Oh, and did I mention the first week of orientation we will go see Platform 9 3/4, Stonehenge and go on a substantial hiking trip? Insert smiley face here.