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hello america

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

home again home again, can’t believe it has been a month!

we traveled for 16 hours today including all the busses, trams, and flights. then i had a 2 1/2 hour drive home after all of that.

the flights went well our first flight we had a 2 hour delay on which ended up not being terrible and we were lucky because we originally had a 4 hour layover in London so we weren’t cutting our flights close. when we reached london, nicole, mary and I ate at a restaurant called Giraffe which is something we should bring to the states. its like Chili’s only a healthier selection.

Tram at the London Airport

Our second flight was not crowded at all. it was LOVELY. mary and I even scored an entire center row just for the two of us which we took over spreading out happily watching movies for the 8 hour flight. flying in style thats us. When the attendant came around asking if we wanted anything to drink i asked if they had ice tea which he thought was hilarious and said “We don’t believe in that in the UK!” then i asked for  a coke instead and he was still in a good mood and gave me two with a large cup of ice. hey ill take it.

We were so happy to see the “Welcome to the United States” sign. we got through customs easily AND all of our suitcases made it. man we are lucky. After exiting i had a very welcoming sight of my parents and Kyle waiting for me :) Kyle even made a shirt with kissing fish (if you don’t understand our nicknames are “fishy”) a bouquet of roses and a HUGE bottle of water. happiest thing ever. I said my goodbyes and left. (i already miss having everyone everyday). the 2 1/2 hour ride home was the killer for me. i was just ready to be back and done with traveling at this point. we got silver diner for dinner (it was like 4am for me at this time) and when i got home i quickly passed out. its so nice to be back in my bed! i miss mary a lot (i was with her 24/7 literally) but lets just say I’m not losing sleep over it haha

i miss everyone from the trip!



this trip was absolutely amazing. i made great friends, saw great places, and learned so many interesting facts all at the same time. I WOULD highly recommend other students to take this opportunity only this is actually the last year it was available. both professors (WHO WERE FANTASTIC!) have been doing this together for 20 years and have finally decided they are finished and no one is left to take their place. HOWEVER, i strongly believe everyone who has the opportunity to study abroad should take it. its an experience like no other and its great to actually get shoved in another culture and see how they live day to day. my two favorite cities would have to be prague and london. i thought they both just had so much history to offer as well i had a ton of fun at these locations. thanks so much for reading everyone! and if you have anymore questions about locations or anything feel free to ask!


Thursday, June 7th, 2012


ahh i can’t believe its almost here. i love europe but I’m tired and can’t wait to see everyone! (plus the ice, water, free refills, vegetables, fruit, etc.)

The girls and I all woke up this morning and went down to breakfast in our fine looking pjs before beautifying and heading out to go watch the morning practice of the Spanish Lipizzaner Riding School.

the horses were beautiful! and so well trained (daddy i want a pony!) they did their pretty little steps and dance moves while i just watch eyes wide from above. unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures. we had some time to kill before our final MENU item and walked around the city, grabbed lunch, and then grabbed a delicious ice-cream before just sitting and people watching until about 2:30 win we headed back to the Riding school to go on our tour. we got to see the stables, walking ring, and (kristen you would have drooled) beautiful and well kept tack room. not to mention the horses have the right lifestyle there. they eat and drink out of granite bowls with fountains and expensive shavings. (cool thing about Lipizzaners they are born black and turn white as they age). another fact of these expensive horses is that they are insure for 1 million when they travel.

Tack room!

After we went back to the hotel (where mary and i passed out quickly making everyone EXCEPT BRITTANY leave without us) we came to around 5:30 and the three of us ventured over on the Ubahn and found our appropriate tram to go to the vineyard where we were going to meet the entire group for our “final supper”. the little town we were in was ADORABLE i wish the professors told us about it earlier when things were open (today was a holiday so no stores were open). and dinner was delicious per usual.

after we thanked the professors and a group of us went back to the hotel where we changed and went to a late night excursion to the carnival. how dare the professors not tell us about this little gem of a place! I even went on ecstasy for the first time and felt very sick afterwards…… (haha its the name of a ride but I’m serious about the feeling sick part) and then on this GIANT swing thing which was super high but had great views of vienna from the top. I even got cotton candy and a soda. noms. we then went inside this fun house which lived up to its name with obstacles and twists and turns and illusions ahha. we had THE BEST TIME and best last night.

then we came back where mary and i very unenthusiastically packed our bags (we were tired and just wanted to sleep) and went to bed FOR THE LAST TIME TOGETHER :( sniff.

see you all soon!


Mary says: The inner part of Vienna was a lot like the other big cities we went to, so we knew what to expect in terms of our surroundings but that made us focus more on what were going to see such as the the Albertina museum where I found one of my favorite artists Gustav Klimt. His drawing “the kiss” is famous around Vienna- Kaytlen got an image of a cat spin off in one of the shops! It was great watching the Lippizaner horses work in the morning sessions, they are absolutely gorgeous, especially the younger ones (under the age of 10) because they are still a dark grey. I was not impressed with the wiener schnitzel, it just seemed like breaded meat whether it was pork or veal. They do love their pistachio ice cream here though and that was delicious! I never thought I would have a chance to go to Austria and now I have. :)

I thought austria was really pretty especially when you get to see the outskirts of the city. is a very interesting culture and i love all the history of the rulers (especially the habsburg line). they also have delicious ice-cream and love their techno in europe! i recommend the goulash to anyone who visits the germanic restaurants and to take time to go to the museums where it displays stuff that isn’t very common in the US. If i came back to Austria i would love to go out on the mountains and find smaller towns with the culture there.

KRISTEN: i tried so hard but i could find the large pretzel to eat and make you jealous…. you got lucky this time.


Wednesday, June 6th, 2012


not that i was excited or anything… we went through the schönbrunn palace which was very pretty. (they had a smaller version of the hall of mirrors like versailles) and then went on a tour of the carriage house. There we learned of princess “sissi” (who’s freaking waist was 19 inches with hair down to her ankles) who is portrayed as a barbie for little girls but in all actuality seemed to possess a very dark personality.

schönbrunn palace

after mary and i branched out (what else is new) and found a small cafe where we had a yummy lunch (ham and cheese grilled! i seem to have some form of it in every country) and then climbed up this MOUNTAIN (ok real a hill but still) to see the view from the top of the grounds and check out the schönbrunn gloriette.


walking back to the U bahn station we passed a really cool street artist who did paintings that look 3D (and are a little) and of course i had to pick up a version of a cat in the moonlight. not obsessed i promise. Back at the hotel we changed, IT WAS WARM FOR ONCE, and went back out into the city. we went souvenir shopping and i spent way to much money in a certain shop… oh gosh. after cringing at the amount we spent we went to a delicious dinner back at cafe mozart and got chicken Cesar salad and a nice strawberry moose cake thing for desert. (specific i know). we decided we were going to be productive and do one of our MENU items instead of waiting till the last day and walked across the street to the Albertina museum which was displaying art works of Klimt and Monet as well as other contemporary artists.

cool monet stairs

I loved the drawings by Klimt! they were amazing. i always really liked art but never fully appreciated it till this museum in general. his artwork was so detailed and portrayed emotion very well. I also love the Monet paintings and also saw works of art by…. caillebotte, signac, vlaminck, marc, schmidt-rottluff, and many others. we stayed in there for about 2 hours and then walked around the city before going on an adventure to find the ferris wheel of vienna… we found it and also stumbled upon a magic carnival of techno. we finally found Vienna’s nightlife. it was so cool! there were rides and food everywhere! mary and i walked around super excited and vowed that we have to come back with the others the next day.

Getting back to our hotel we showered (did i tell you we have an amazing like waterfall shower head?!) and hung out with the group before going to bed.




Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

so.. i think its about time that mary and i need some space. no its not in the bad way! we still get along great (and i think the only ones not to get frustrated at all at each other come to think of it…) no. it all has to do with our sleeping. she has been known to pet me thinking I’m her cat at night and i have lately been assuming my half of the bed is not twin size but full and stretch my legs in my sleep right on top of her. not that she notices.

The best example by far showing that we are too close now is that mary has been sleep talking for the later part of our trip due to how exhausted she is… lately i have caught my self (like half asleep) RESPONDING in the night talk gibberish to her gibberish. oh gosh what have we become.

breakfast is quite uneventful here just like prague which is a disappointing end to the deliciousness we once experienced. this morning we went on a walking tour of the historic district of vienna. it was cold and very windy and to say the least we were miserable, absolutely miserable. like its all very interesting but i think we (and i feel free to talk for the group) have hit a wall on the tours. they are interesting and everything but we are tired of a 2 hour tour taking 4 hours and all the note taking involved which takes away the time we could be listening more intensely or taking in the surroundings.

ANYWAYS the tour took us through a lovely part of the area and saw the habsburg’s palace as well as multiple statues and memorials. we also passed by the Lipizzaner stables! we even watched them walk our to go to practice. I’m super excited because we got tickets for thursday to go on a walking tour of the lipizzaners and are also going to sit in at their morning practice.

After we went to a (very heavy) lunch where we had a terrible waitress but delicious food. I got another goulash (this one was much spicier and had potatoes). also on the menu we could order bread and they brought us BASKETS for each order and we were all like YES YUM. no. we had to pay by the piece which she neglected to tell us. butthead. obviously i just wasn’t a fan of her. but our tea hit the sport.. i have never been so happy to see earl grey.

after we walked around shops and found a chocolate shop, which i was extremely excited about. (everyone who knows me knows i have an extreme sweet tooth) and then headed back to the hotel to take a nap before getting ready to go to our concert. of course because of our nap we missed dinner and EVERYTHING freaking closes at like 6:30 here (vienna isn’t known for the night life) so mary and i had a lovely dinner of sesame seed

Tonight we got tickets to go see the Wiener Hofburg Orchester (Orchestra) perform inside the Hofburg Palace. It was a beautiful room which had ornate decorations and artwork. The orchestra itself performed wonderfully and i loved the drummer who did all the funny parts he was such a character.

After our group finally took a group shot and walked back to the metro…

Mary and I of course got distracted by a cafe that was actually open at the promise of food. it was “Mozart’s Cafe” how fitting after the concert we just attended. we had a FANTASTIC waiter this time. he was an older gentleman and just laughed at mary and I. We excitedly ordered salads (we weren’t that hungry by this point and were thrilled at th thought of vegetables) and SCARFED them down once they landed in front of us. of course a lovely healthy salad cannot be complete without a giant desert to split. we ordered this super yummy desert which was strawberries, yogurt, and vanilla/ strawberry ice-cream. it also came with a side of wafers (as you can imagine it didn’t last long either. the waiter was so funny though when he brought out the desert he was like”typical girls, ordering the small salad and then the large desert for two” while chuckling.

we meandered through the streets for a bit before heading back to our hotel.

mother aren’t you proud? i was out a night instead of in bed (you weirdo) :)

goodnight vienna


p.s. dear family, I’m terribly sorry but i don’t think the chances of me making it home are very likely. vienna’s cars seem to take aim at me and its a matter of time before i am hit (somehow i managed the uk where they drive on the other side of the street but can’t make it here)

miss us?


Monday, June 4th, 2012

this hills ARE ALIVE.. with the sound of music. (really want to watch the movie right now)

so the bus ride was uneventful. 4 hours. slept most of the way ha

our hotel on the other hand a gem. it historic and really cool on the inside and the rooms have been completely renovated this year! including GLASS walls for the ENTIRE bathroom. mary and i are lucky because ours has a slight amount of frosted glass (which is still completely transparent) but however we think the architect may have made a mistake because from the inside in the bathroom you can’t see out but from our bed (directly in front of the bathroom) you can see very well in. as i said though… we are the lucky ones. some of the others have COMPLETELY clear glass for their bathrooms. it has been interesting seeing their contraptions they have made to try to block the view. Austrians must really have nothing to hide.

notice the lovely glass walls

As every other country we were welcomed by rain. mary and i didn’t want to leave because we opened our window to listen to the rain and were playing cello music which complemented it amazingly but all good things must come to an end when we had to meet the group to be sent out in the rain to learn our way around the metro. we went to the location of the main cathedral, which was pretty but i have yet to be really awed here (in their defense i think we were in the middle of the city itself).

mary and i branched off from the others to kind of just learn our way around. we decided that we were hungry and went to find a restaurant, which strangely proved to be very difficult… and landed on some austrian hunting lodge off some random side street. it was really decorative and cute and the staff were very nice to us. we ordered out meal, mary spare ribs with potatoes and a side of spotzle to share and for my self pan fried beef an potatoes, little did we know we would be getting the entire animal itself! our portions were HUGE! like and thats saying the very least. mary got like 2 large racks of ribs with a heap of potatoes and mine was this entire thing of beef covering my plate and hiding another mound of potatoes. not to mention our bowl of spotzle. huge yes and VERY tasty.

mary and her absurd amount of ribs

We also go really excited because they had ice tea (which came in bottles of course) AND it was served with 2 ice cubes (ice is a rarity in europe so enjoy) we got so excited about the ice when he brought us the glass that when we asked for 2 more bottles he brought out this bowl of ice just for us haha. unfortunately we didn’t finish it all so we boxed and took it home to our dog (Dan) who gladly accepted our left overs. Back at the hotel we are all just getting worn down from moving around so much and just hanging out tonight. nothing terribly exciting.

We are listening to the CDs we picked up from street musicians (cello and acoustic guitar) and they are beautiful and well done. making a very relaxing atmosphere as well as like narrating our time in europe for us.

oh and can we talk about the amount of peer pressure i get from my mother to go out at night and party? what?!

4 days till home!


p.s. for all those people that saw my comment about the pepsi bottle and were like “pepsi comes in bottles loser” i meant to say glass bottle which you DONT actually see at home. my mistake (dad and kristen I’m talking to you)

p.p.s the city was LIDICE not LIDICHE (said like hermione)


Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Last night recap… my roomie was the sick and dying one this time (BOO!) and unfortunately stayed in while the rest of us wandered over to the main square beside the astrological clock. We found dinner at this super cute out door restaurant which had fantastic food and a really funny waiter. A girl in our group is allergic to gluten products (poor her…) and was trying to tell him that she was allergic to wheat. He this gave her this super confused face and asked her to repeat that. After she did he smiled and laughed and said “oh I thought you said weed! I was just going to say we don’t sell that here” haha. We then wandered over to the clock itself where we were to meet the guys for the “Druken Money” pub crawl. Classy I know. (Don’t

worry got a free tshirt!) we had so much fun i met multiple people from the states, Canada and other countries! Crawls are a great way to get out there and meet new people for all you fellow travelers. This was really fun because it was a younger age group and there were games and great music. One of the pubs we went to actually was an old communist pub? (I thought that was illegal then…) and had all sorts of communist propaganda from the time including creepy uniforms and such. Of course being us and having no sense of time whatsoever we stayed out past the metro closing time YET AGAIN. Luckily prague is really easy to navigate and kinda on the smaller side so we just walked back to our hotel and conveniently passed out. (YAY CHRISTIE FOR HAVING A MAP)

Dobrý Den!

Ahh I cannot believe it is the last day of prague already! This city is literally amazing.

After getting in late last night I was not in the mood WHATSOEVER to be waking

up early to go take care of my Menu item for the city so when the 3 other girls came knocking on my door shortly after 9:00 am (and did not get the message of us not answering the door = ignoring you.. love you guys!) I KINDLY answered and said no thankyou and promptly got back in bed till like 10:30. Mary and I then woke Dan up (he was on our side about the whole morning thing) and went to find lunch. We ate at the same place we mary and I ate at on the first night however instead of eating in the basement we upgraded to the actually ground level! Go us! I got a lovely Bulgarian cheese sandwich and grapes and a 5 freaking dollar piece of cake. (I made just to eat every sprinkle on that thing.) we then went on a quest to find a seemingly non existent leather goods shop which mary was dying to go to only to find it closed on Sundays. Well played. Well played.

We then finally sucked it up and walked over to the Jewish Quarter to do our Menu item for Prague and bought our ticket to the synagogues and old cemetery. One of the old synagogues have been converted into a memorial and along the walls are the names of the Czech Jewish citizens that were killed due to the holocaust. 800,000 names were along those walls. I know to you it only seems like a number and like you are probably like wow that’s a big number but it doesn’t exactly register. No. I saw all those names and for the first time it really hit me the actual size of this massive crime. All 800,000 of those people had smiles and personalities and families only to be grouped together under one title and killed for no just reason. It was amazing just to see all the names in tiny writing which literally took over all the walls in the building. In the attic of this synagogue there were actual preserved children’s drawings in the nazi camps. You see their interpretation of their surroundings and the little ones are obviously so naïve and as the artist’s age increased you can see their pictures becoming darker in context. It was all really moving.

After this we were led though the old cemetery behind this synagogue. There were graves upon graves in there! I have no idea where all the bodies are they must just be like stacked on top of each other in the ground. It was a really cool sight.

After looking around the Jewish Quarter the 3 of us went back to the clock (Dan needed a snack as he was ALREADY starving again) and sat and enjoyed the lovely day as we watched the pigeons play their own form of soccerish thing throwing around the bread pieces and running after them. Also, mating pigeon dances are really funny… just saying. We also went and loved on the carriage horses :) mine was nuzzling up a storm and kept liping me and shoving me over. ha

We then went to get our final souvenir shopping done and went to dinner which I got the Czech tradition of Goulash! Its like a beef stew (in a breadbowl!) and was delicious. I scraped it clean.


The other girls somehow stalked us out and we went for icecream, saw a really cool band preform in the streets, and walked back over to Charles Bridge. After getting across I realized I left my bag of purchases in the icecream shop which mary and dan were kind enough to join my run back to. (I got lucky there were still there!) we then were planning on heading back to the bridge to see it light up but it began to sprinkle and we thought better and turned around. We got lucky though and instead got to watch the astronomy clock strike 9:00 and watch the (creepy) animated characters do their thing and listen to the trumpet and bells.

We then stopped at McDonald’s (of course) before boarding the metro back to our hotel. Now im doing whatever I possibly can (including fighting the shower) to avoid addressing the large issue at hand… packing. But unfortunately I think I ran out of excuses.

Final countdown til home!

Vienna Tomorrow, Miss everyone lots


Mary Says: When we first went into the city, we were completely astounded. We felt like this was what we were waiting for the whole time. It was beautiful. The streets are cobblestones. Actual cobblestones. And there is this beautiful bridge on the way into the old town area called Charles Bridge that has these gorgeous statues lining it. Aside from the fact that our hotel was slightly ghetto (trying to make the shower work was cute) Prague was one of the best experiences on the trip. Our excursion to Lidice, while humbling, was even more impressive because we were able to see some of the country outside of the city limits and its beautiful! It has rolling fields that lead up to hills lined in green. I can’t wait to visit Vienna, where we’ll get some real mountains.

My thoughts on prague are probably quite obvious. I LOVE IT. Its definitely one of my favorites. Here and London. It’s a capital city but still has that old world, and small town feel which is adorable. They have an interesting history and a freaking castle! Who doesn’t love that!? But in all seriousness its beautiful and is exactly what you imagine a city in Europe to be like, including cobble streets and horse drawn carriages. I HIGHLY recommend anyone and everyone to visit this beautiful and historic city. Also its smaller and you only need a few days to master the city and see all the sights so it could always be a layover site! Anyways. Thumbs up for here I have only good to share about it. OH and when you visit try to stay in the central city area (not the ghetto like us) because metro passes are unnecessary. Everything is so close and convient!


Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

so… today was sad.

We started off the day early and going to a former fortress turned nazi camp/jewish prison named Terezin. It was terrible to see the conditions that they had to live through. Another terrible thing we learned about this fortress was that the red cross actually got wind of what was happening in this location and demanded to come see what was going on. they were denied a few times until eventually they were allowed. however, only during the 3 times they visited were the conditions ideal. They made the jews play soccer, put on a concert, laugh and read, and do whatever they pleased to look like the comforts of home. when the red cross left each time the jews used during this time were usually sent off to death camps and a few were allowed to stay in the terrible conditions there. So many other terrible things went on at this location but i won’t focus on that.

memorial to the prisoners

Next we went to the FORMER site of a town called Lidiche. during the second WW a very high commander, Heydrich, was assassinated but a group of individuals. Supposedly one was linked back to this town i mentioned above. Hitler was angered so much by this event he ordered the town to be obliterated. like ALL gone. they were invaded (btw this is a very small town which seemed as though they had no real influence from or on anyone else) one day and separated into groups of men, women, and children. The men were lined up and every single one of them were shot with no blindfold or explanation. The women were boarded on a train to a labor camp miles away. The children were split up once again… the ideal (blond hair blue eyes) were sent off to be adopted by other german families while the rest were sent on a bus. they wrote letters to other family members which were sent asking for food or clothes.. unfortunately before the letters could reach the receivers all the children were gassed and killed. Really it was all very depressing. and on top of everything it recently was found out this small town was not linked at all… the assassinators were British.

memorial to the children

behind us should have been the town

Now we are back and about to take a nap. Then some of us will be going out to dinner and spending the night out on the town as a group. sadly i don’t know if mary will be joining since she has a cold (and is a mess) and i wanted to stay with her (which she isn’t allowing) which probably would be better for me but my MOTHER (what?!) told me i need to go out and experience the night life in prague especially since i didn’t do anything in Berlin.. (sorry i was dying mom)




Friday, June 1st, 2012


Its just beautiful. So today we randomly had to wake up to meet at 9:30 even though we didn’t have our tour till 1:00. Mary and I abided to their wishes and rolled out of bed at like 9:27 and walked downstairs in our pjs to listen to the chat. (we were the only ones not dressed and ready to go.. whatever.) we then stepped over to breakfast, which is sadly lacking from the rest of the countries, and then popped up back into bed to grab as much sleep as possible. At 1:00 we met up with the rest of the group to go tour Prague’s castle.

It was beautiful! Ahh I like wish I could send you all vides of the amazing landscape and buildings. The castle was really cool unfortunately none of us could really understand our Czech tour guide… and not to mention for the tour (and only the tour) the weather decided to be rainy and cold. Not good for us sickies. The view from the top of the hill was also amazing of the city below

the girls!

After mary and I were starving and while the rest went back to the hotel (why?) we stopped at some concession stand and got corn on the cob, chicken kabob pita wrap thing, fruit and water. All for like ~$5 WOO! We then wandered the streets and found a cute restaurant to warm up in and got apple strudel (uhh yum) and somehow managed our way over to the Karluv Most (Charles Bridge) which was sweet and had a bunch of venders along it.

We then ended up back into the main square with the astronomy tower and did some souvenir shopping and grabed a tasty vanilla cream pastry before heading back to our hotel. We grabbed dinner at the local pizza place and DAD GUESS WHAT I got a bottled pepsi

Now im just chilling in the room about to go to bed before our depressing day tomorrow.. touring a concentration camp and Jewish children memorial thing… cant wait.

BUT tomorrow night a bunch of us are going out to have fun and explore I actually cant wait for that!

Miss everyone, single digits till we are home now!


Dresden and PRAGUE!

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

so we woke up today, a little better then usual, and went down to breakfast. I ate my mini berliners (delicious jelly filled doughnuts oh heyyyy) and boarded the bus. The countryside was beautiful, for what i saw before i passed out, and i woke up in a cute city by the name of Dresden, Germany.


It was the last german city to be bombed during the war and was highly controversial during the time. unfortunately many beautiful buildings were destroyed but are now well on there way to being completely restored. Here is the castle of Frederick I or Augusta the strong (what they called him in Poland). It was a very interesting tour and then we had an hour to wander around and eat… and thats exactly what mary and i did. we somehow stumbled upon another little austrailian place ate lunch there and then wandered over to the “best ice-cream in the town” as the tour guide put it. MAN IT WAS YUMMY! it is chocolate ice-cream mixed with rosemary it gave it a refreshing taste and took away the richness of the chocolate. By this time we were to board back on the bus to continue on to Prague which i promptly fell back asleep on.

our yummy chocolate rosemary ice-cream!


When entering the area i saw thousands of adorable buildings and houses. its literally out of like a picture book here. we got to our hotel, which I’m VERY happy to say has FREE WIFI, and then went to the metro for our first crash course. We took it to the center of the city of prague and then were left to wander on our own. IM IN LOVE. Prague is beautiful and was on the outskirts of the line of war so lays untouched on its historical beauty. I literally could not take it in and believe my own eyes. it was like busch gardens with like plaster building fronts only these are real! and stretch on and on… but let me stop drooling over how AMAZING this place is.

Mary and I went to dinner at an authentic czech restaurant which had an art nouveau architectural style. it was so pretty and the food was good too! i had some form of beef soup (I’m feeling better but my throat is still killing me) and make got a czech cheese plate (which i sampled every kind of as well). the waiter seemed to be judging me for not ordering like 4 course meal but whatever. also at the restaurant there was an accordion player doing live music for the people dining. oh and with the check you were given complementary shots that you were expected to take… in my mind i was like only if my mother was here i would like to see her take it :)

After mary and I finished our meal we wandered around the city and gift shops… let me just say i don’t think prague is going to be fair to my budget… and i somehow managed to find a super cute ice-cream shop on one of the side streets. I’m digging the raspberry ice-cream over here! by this time it was late and we got back to the metro (NOT BEFORE I FOUND WATER!! YAY!) and now about to take out night medicine, not that we really need any help sleeping.

yay hydration! i miss water..

I LOVE ME SOME PRAGUE like I’m so excited to get out and explore more. plus now that I’m feeling better i want more adventures at night to report back to you all.

dobrou noc!



Wednesday, May 30th, 2012


i missed her.

we saw a shirt today and christie pointed it out “Bad decisions make good stories” but what they don’t say is “those good stories make very sick children”

After both being very reluctant to climb out of bed today mary and I managed to make it to breakfast and change. We then went on a quest for a pharmacy to find drugs to make us feel better. We were so lucky! we found an angel of a man who spoke very good english (we didn’t understand a freaking box in the entire place) we told him our symptoms (while he kinda gave me a pitiful look… i know i looked rough) and he gave us stuff for both day and night. we thanked him and when it was my turn to pay i think he took pity on me and told me to take my medicine right then and there and he grabbed mary and I water cups from the back so we could take our pills and then told us to feel better as we left.

at this point in the day i was on like 3 different medications at once so i was feeling GREAT but possibly a little out of it…

my water and drugs! i was so happy

We took our medicine back to the hotel and then got on the s-bahn towards museum island. so here we are minding our own business on the train (me happily delirious staring out the window in my own drugged up world) and BOOM crazy german man shouts something behind us terrifying me putting me in poor christies lap. we thought he was done but no apparently he had a lot more to say. he starts yelling furiously in german behind us and then starts screaming in this poor older woman’s ear who is obviously not with him and it is quite evident that they are not together. She takes it like a champ ignoring him and then a women in her 30s on the other side away from us starts talking to him to district him from the elder woman and then he swings at this poor girl! (he looks normal but at his point i think we all decided and agreed he was not set well in the mind.) so then some savior of a guy pushes the girl to the side to keep her away from the crazy man and grabs mr. crazy and puts him in a headlock. (he is very calm about all of this in the mean time.) all of the sudden this guy is still ranting and manages to get out of it pushing back the guy. men from all around the train from different groups stand up, like there were business men, travelers etc all different backgrounds, and surround him to keep him away from the rest of us until we got to the next stop. (which was our stop but we conveniently just stayed on the train to the next knowing we could still get to the museum.) they pushed him off the train and all of then got off to watch him and get the police. the three of us were all taken aback during this entire time and i still am not quite sure what happened. after he got off the train i talked with the elderly woman, knowing no german i just looked concerned and asked if she was ok by giving he a thumbs up, but she nodded looked relieved that someone asked.

it was a very interesting ride.

We got off and went to the museum of arts, which was quite a bore. I’m surprised they let us out in public. I’m drugged up on medications zoning out and can’t hear anything staring blankly into space while mary is like trotting around exhausted and like falls down the stairs and then christie gets like lost in the museum wandering around going in circles. we were a hot mess.

we then attempted to go to the brandenburg gate… failed miserably its cold out and we missed a turn and all being sick we gave up and went back to the hotel ha. on the way we stopped at a pastry shop (the other two already grabbed sandwiches) and i was having a terrible time breaching the language gap. i had 3 people around me trying to help me and i ended up with only some kind of plain bread… whatever. we went back to the hotel and took a short nap and now just found a super cute little cafe that has, get this, FREE WIFI, but it closes soon which still probe means i will have to buy an hour later. so over it. Mary, dan and I (hopefully christie!!) are going to the beer garden one last time to get our german food and call it a night.

Miss everyone!

Prague tomorrow :)


Mary: HI! so kaytlen and i are one step from death but the nice pharmacist man gave us cold meds today so hopefully we will be feeling better for prague. I loved berlin, its much more causal than london or paris. their sausages are suspicious though… my favorite was the beer gardens, not just because of what they serve but the atmosphere is so pretty, its like an outside picnic with little lights and it was on the water :) its been my favorite so far we will see what Prague and Vienna have to bring, I am getting awfully tired of crazy city people.

So my thoughts on berlin… its a lovely city but looks just like any city at home but with German everywhere. I feel like to get an actual feeling of the German culture your best bet would be to travel elsewhere in the country. Beer gardens are really cool though! I really feel as though my dad and sister would like this country a lot. The food made no sense to me so i really enjoyed some pretzels while i was here. People are dressed more casually here which was actually a relief then constantly being judged by the city people. Germany is nice and green though! Berlin was kind and not so kind to me. it is the city where i actually died with my sickness but it also allowed me to heal and hopefully be more prepared for the last two countries to come! London is still my favorite though. Unfortunately no tasting the night life here :( later on though!