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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

The past couple days, I’ve mostly been figuring out my routine here. I have my student ID card and dining card so far…

So excited! Don’t worry if you can’t read them… the image is inverted.

Kind of reminds me of….


Hahhaha. Anyway, today I went to my writing class (which was kind of weird because we did absolutely no writing!) from 8am to 9:40. Then I RAN to my Intercultural Communications class, which started at 9:50. Needless to say, I didn’t make it on time! I had to ask two people where it was (one of which I stopped full speed on a bike). My favorite phrase here so far is zai nar (where?). I finally got to class around 10:10. It was SO interesting… we talked about identity and globalization and a lot of the famous news stories about China (SARS, anyone?) and the images of Jeremy Lin and Yao Ming in the US. Unfortunately, I’m going to drop it though… it’s for graduate students, so 60% of our grade is a research paper with a case study that we defend to a jury, as well as present in a mock symposium. Also, although it started at 9:50 today, the lecture will usually run from 9:00 to 12:15 which, in addition to being a LONG TIME to be in a 2 credit class, conflicts with my Chinese class. Next I went to lunch. The cafeterias here (餐厅)get crazy crowded because lunch ends at 1pm and doesn’t reopen until 5pm. Basically you push to the front of the counter you want to order from (lines aren’t really too much of a thing here) and order. My method is basically pointing and saying 一个(one) and ordering a lot of 可乐 (cola) because it’s easy to say!

I had my interview at eBeijing yesterday and it seems like an INCREDIBLE opportunity to do some writing and media projects around the city. It’s been overwhelming so far just living here, so I’m excited to get to a point where I can start working, and past the point where I’m overjoyed when I can successfully take a cab by myself!

This is the building where the interview was, the Digital Beijing Building, right next to the Olympic complex. But you can see the Water Cube with the Bird’s Nest in the background a little bit. My pictures didn’t come out very well because the air here is lovely.

What else… my apartment!

The living room:

We have a giant TV that we usually have on with Chinese dramas (a great way to learn)… also notice the lamp!!! All the furniture in the apartment is from Ikea.

This is the little sunroom we have off of the living room. Most Beijing apartments have one because there are no dryers here, so we have a clothes rack that the sun shines on.

This is more of the view:

Yesterday morning I saw a few people doing tai chi in that park area, as well as some sort of police drill (?)

The apartment has three bedrooms: one double and two singles. Two bathroom- one is attached to the double and the other is off the of the living room. Our Chinese roommate (Charlene) has one of the singles, and we rock paper scissored for the other, which I ended up getting. It’s pretty small and hard to get a good picture! It’s basically a bed and desk from Ikea with a built in closet and mirror along one of the walls. I have much more storage space than stuff, actually!