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Friday, June 28th, 2013

“TEACHER. Your hair looks nice today.”
“Thank you! Your hair looks nice everyday.”
“I know. I’m a handsome guy.”

That’s a specific conversation that happened today, but it could be pretty much every conversation I have with my second grade boys.

Hair CURLiosity

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

My BAD student has very interesting hair. It… well… kind of looks like he’s been electrocuted. He’s got really thick hair, that he styles so that it goes up and falls over the front and left side of his head, almost like a tsunami. Our school’s hair regulations are fairly strict (at least, for the male students – the female students can get away with much more) so while there are a few boys that have slightly more outrageous haircuts, or use hair wax (Hongdae being one of those), most of them toe the line.

I was convinced that BAD was blatantly breaking school regulations and had gotten a perm (as were most of the other English teachers – BAD’s hair is a fun topic to gossip about), but according to his homeroom teacher he’s actually following the rules. What happens is every morning he wakes up early and curls his hair by hand. Only in Korea…