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Let’s be real, we all know that if this were the Hunger Games, Jeollanamdo would be district 11

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Class 1.7 is probably my worst-behaved, craziest boys class, but one of my funniest. After class a student told me he was reading Catching Fire (the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy). We chatted for a bit about that and drew a crowd. The students had seen the first Hunger Games movie and, hearing that I thought the second book was really sad, wanted to know if Katniss died.

did Katniss die? DID SHE DIE?
Guys. It’s the second book. There are three books. What do you think? – …KATNISS DIE!
If Katniss died, then who would the third book be about?
Peeta? Oh yes. Katniss die.

Then as I walked out the door, one of my favorite students put three fingers (index, middle, ring) to his lips, and put them in the air – the District 12 symbol of respect.