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Difficult Decisions

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Today in my club class we practiced speaking fluency, and our main activity was an ethical dilemma debate. To prepare the students, I had them do a speaking fluency activity, then write in their journals. The journal topic today was “Have you ever struggled with a decision? What did you decide? Why was it so hard?” Most of the students wrote about their decision to come to CPHS, but one student wrote about choosing between different flavors of ice cream, because she wanted to eat them all.

Lack of Ice Cream Anonymity

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

I went to the Baskin Robbins in Yesan yesterday with my host sister. The woman working there told my host sister that she recognized me, not just from living in Yesan and because I walk around a lot, but specifically because I had gone to Baskin Robbins “a lot.” I haven’t gone to Baskin Robbins in 2 months. So either this means that I ate a ton of ice cream in August/early September, or what I had suspected is true and everytime I get ice cream everybody knows and remembers.

If Baskin Robbins remembers me I would hate to think what the GS 24 near my apartment thinks of my ice cream eating habits o.O