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Iguazu Falls

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Well here it is!! I kinda already talked about the Iguazu trip before so this will post will be mainly pictures…

Woke up to the sunrise after a long bus ride (15 hours maybe? I don’t remember now) to loud, obnoxious ’80s music. Also the bus driver had opened the door to the outside and our bus was infiltrated with mosquitos. Lovely.

We had stopped at San Ignacio Mini, a site of Jesuit mission ruins of the Guaraní indigenous peoples

That afternoon we went to an estancia and had an asado, swam in the pool and relaxed in hammocks!:

Mate fields

We finally checked into our hotel that night, after another bus ride that took a lot longer than it was supposed to. Apparently there was a strike and the streets were blocked on the road, but I’m not sure if that’s true. It could have been an accident too. I think it took 3 hours (or was supposed to take 3 hours). We were late for dinner at our hotel but excited to sleep and go to the falls the next day!

So it rained. A lot. All morning. Even though it looks really bright and sunny in this picture, it wasn’t until the afternoon when we were leaving. Luckily I carry a poncho with me around everywhere, so I finally got to use it! Kidding, I don’t carry it everywhere…but I have had it for a long time now

So close!

Argentine side. “Argentina is the stage, Brazil has the seats.” It would cost me $131 dollars to get into Brasil

The boat in the above picture is the boat I was on in the pictures below!

That’s the end of Day 2!

Ready to go to the Guaraní village

Really cool experience- he showed us animal traps they used to use for hunting. They don’t hunt anymore but they still teach it to the children. There is a bilingual school there too- Guaraní and Spanish.

Precious baby.

Sunset on the flight home!

Things To Do and Iguazu In Brief

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Yay I am finally writing this! I am sitting here at the computer lab at my university…yes, my computer is temporarily broken. I suppose I better make this a long one because it may not be until later in the week or next week until I am able to write again.

My dead computer has several complications: no picture updates YET, and I have to figure out a way to regrister for classes at Mary Wash tomorrow morning. Oh and tomorrow is a national holiday here in Argentina. So I won´t be able to use this computer lab or visit an internet/computer cafe. Thankfully our wonderful Study Abroad Office offered to do it for us, so I just e-mailed them although I will be very very lucky if they are able to do it on time.

I hope this is making sense, I am trying to do a lot at once! I am looking up places in the city that will fix computers (that would be an experience) and also my warranty from Dell which expires on July 14th. But it´s only for the US. I know they have international ones but I will have to look into the details. I also need to find an Apple store to buy a charger for my iPod. Yes, I can get wifi on it, but I can only charge it through my computer! Of course.

Sorry this has turned into my to do list…Enough of the boring stuff. I just had a great weekend at Iguazu Falls!!

[Actually let me again complain again for a second to be done with it. I had this weird itchy rash on my legs last week, my stomach still always hurts when traveling for a long distance and I caught a cold on the 13 hour bus ride there. I am finally feeling a lot better today though!]

So we woke up on the bus in the morning and went to old Jesuit mission ruins. We then had an asado at an estancia a half hour away. There was a pool, hammocks, and areas to play futbol and volleyball. Our hotel was still 3 hours away, but due to an accident and a protest it took us much longer to arrive…We had a late dinner (maybe even for Argentine standards) and I went to bed sick and exhausted.

It rained a lot in the morning when we got there, a lot of my pictures are of me in a lovely poncho. I just almost wrote pancho which means hot dog.

Eventually the rain stopped, and we got soaking wet on our boat ride under the waterfalls anyway. AMAZING. My pictures don´t do it justice and my words definitely won´t either. Here is where I would insert the pictures if I could…but you´ll just have to wait!

Before we left for the airport, we visited a Guaraní villiage. I really wish I could write more about it but it´s getting dark and I better go home.