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Jet Ski Safari

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

We were none to thrilled too have to return to getting up early the next day, and due to this we were a little late getting out to the beach for our jet ski adventure. Never the less we made it down to the Adrenaline Water Sports loading dock just in time to be the last ones to be given jet skis. We would be jet skiing out about 45 minutes to a small island where we would then be scuba diving on a reef for roughly an hour and then we would return. We were given life jackets, scuba gear, brief instructions and keys to start the jet skis. Julie and I would be driving but Dad would go with Julie and Mom would ride with me. While jet skis look relatively simple to operate, Julie and I learned that it is a bit harder than it looks. We both had trouble maintaining a constant speed especially when Mom was sitting behind me holding on for dear life and squealing anytime I picked up speed and Dad was sitting behind Julie yelling at her to go faster. Somehow we managed to arrive at the island with all four family members intact even if we were the last ones to arrive by a long shot.


Adrenaline Watersports!

Getting ready to head out


Once on the island we suited up in scuba gear and headed out onto the reef, or the remains of it anyway. After scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef just about everything else is going to pale in comparison, but the Fijian snorkeling experience was somewhat underwhelming. The “reef” was more like the fossilized remnants of a reef that once was there, and there weren’t that many fish around either. We did see lots of sea urchins and starfish though. And the starfish in Fiji are this incredible electric blue color. We must have seen hundreds of them, they were all over the place. In addition to the blue starfish there were also schools of very tiny electric blue fish that had a shimmer to them. They were very eye catching. Also on the ocean floor were some concrete blocks where certain environmental groups had been trying to rehabilitate the reef, and some PBC piping sticking out of the sand for reasons unknown. After getting out of the water all four of us agreed that the salinity of the water in Fiji was the most intense we had experienced anywhere. Something about Fiji, its just very salty. As we were packing up our scuba gear to get ready to head back Dad said “I have seen the remnants of a former civilization- they used PBC piping. They were ahead of their time.”

at rest









Before getting back on the jet skis to head back we had a major discussion about who would be riding back with who. Julie had put her foot down that she would not be riding back with Dad since all he had done was tell her how crappy of a driver she was and push her to go faster. I wanted to go with Julie but that would put Mom riding back with the man she married, and she was not down for that. She hadn’t liked how fast I had gone being at the helm and she knew that Dad would want to go much faster than I had. Julie and I figured that while Dad could jerk her and I around, with Mom he had to behave. We quarreled over this on the beach for a while, but ultimately I ended up going back with Julie driving and Mom rode with Dad driving and that arrangement seemed to work out much better as Dad was scared into behaving and Julie and I were much less stressed and actually enjoyed the ride back. On the return journey Julie and I managed to stay with the rest of the group, but Mom and Dad fell behind. We arrived back at the hotel a good ten to fifteen minutes before we saw any signs of them so Julie and I got very concerned that they had gotten lost. Luckily they turned up a few minutes later with one of the guides trailing behind them.


After our adrenaline filled morning adventure we were pretty tired, so we spent the rest of the day being lazy in front of the TV and by the pool. While this was the last night we would sleep in Fiji, we had a long day ahead of us with a late evening flight the following day and then a red eye across the pacific ocean, so we went to bed early because it was the last time we would get to sleep on a horizontal surface for a while.