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Club Class Notebooks

Friday, October 26th, 2012

At the beginning of every class I have my students take ten minutes and write extemporaneously on a topic in their notebooks, and then I take them, edit them, and give them back each week. This not only provides them with practice, but they’ll have a portfolio full of short English essays they can take away from my class.

Last week’s topic was “Where would you rather visit, NYC or Utah?” I showed them two tourism videos, we brainstormed descriptive words, then I had them write. One kid decided to write something completely different.

“I want to LA. There are so many things. First there are a lot of buildings which are very tall, and there are pretty girl.

Second there are lots of gambler (?) I want to try challenging game, it will be very exciting, and theirs game will make a lot of money. So the money which they make will be spent item.”

Good to know one of my kids wants to be a card shark.