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Doff the Bear

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

The front of my student’s club class journal showcases a bear sitting on a table, next to a chalkboard covered in drawings of bears. However, what really makes this a masterpiece of stationary is the writing on the notebook.


His name is doff,
he thinks that the greatest physician in the world is optimism

Also, on the back of this notebook is a small polaroid of Doff captioned ”Doff’s story.”

I don’t know about you all, but if this was a TV show, I’d watch it. Doff and the magic of HOPE.


Monday, September 10th, 2012

Ran into fistbump kid and 형우 walking around campus, and had a short but interesting conversation.

FBK: “Teacher! Nice one piece.”
E: “Thanks! You know ‘one piece’ is Konglish. In English we say ‘dress.’”
FBK: “Ah, but this is Korea. So we say ‘one piece.’”
형우: “Yes. This is our culture.”
E: “Well since this is English cl—Well actually, this isn’t English class. This is outside of class. So, sure, because this is Korea right now I’ll say ‘one piece,’ but in class I’ll say ‘dress.’”
FBK: “Very good. Anyway, I like your dress.”
E: *rolls eyes and fist bumps*

Speaking of Fistbump Kid, he now has a fauxhawk. It’s hilarious. Also two other students saw us fistbumping (one of which being BAD) and they now want to fistbump too. Which, of course, makes fistbump kid jealous. What a strange and charmed life I lead.